Das insurance brokers bfg

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bluevein, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. My main point of this thread is to high light a potential problem soldiers are having in BFG with DAS insurance brokers.

    It was first brought to my attention when a colleague was literally being hunted all over camp by a DAS employee. Every office he went into he told them very clearly who he was looking for, how much money they owed them and ended it with some sort of threat along the lines involving the Adjt or CO.

    Not only by the end of his rampage did anyone in ear shot know who he was looking for but how much money they owed them, which normally was the whole year sum rather than the month they missed (I'll cover this more in a minute **)

    After catching the right person to speak to about the person owing money it turned out that he/she was away on course/tour.

    **OK the route of the problem from 4 different people I have spoken to.

    Direct debit. You set it up at the start. End of the month comes, money hasn't left your account. You then get hunted to pay him cash, prove your account has funds in it and the error is their end re-sign direct debit form. All good

    End of second month, money hasn't left your account. You then get hunted to pay him cash, prove your account has funds in it and the error is their end re-sign direct debit form. All good.

    End of third month, same as above but you happen to be away. Oh my god, the sweating gorilla is on the loose looking for your blood and is happy to tell every one what a bad person you are and how much you owe his company (Year sum not monthly figure).

    It was comical to even hear that a SNCO had a FB message from a LCpl in his troop whilst he was away on tour knowing exact sums of money he owed them for the whole year. Which was a sickening amount, more than the car is worth 3 x and 2 x more than his quoted figure as charges had obviously taken affect in his absence, not only that but he had already payed up front 50% of the year fee knowing the direct debit problems they had.

    I can understand this guy maybe approaching a CSM/SSM and asking for Who ever to pop up to his office ASAP regarding their insurance. Why need to tell them account details and outstanding.

    Yes I believe in not being in debt, but surely if they have been sent away they are not trying to dodge paying and if they had jumped ship/unit and dodged paying them then by all means go to the SSA/Adjt with final figures?

    Any one else had issues with these guys? As I know I will never recommend them at all !
  2. This is relatively easy to deal with.

    Contact DAS and require that they send you a copy of their licence (which should tell you which supervisory body they fall under), and their membership details of the insurance brokers association of which they are a member of and their Freedom of Services license. A quick Google shows that there is a DAS broker in Bristol: is this the same team? If so, they would fall under the remit of the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

    Inform DAS in writing that you are extremely displeased with their breach of confidentiality, and the damage that such unfounded allegations could do to your promotion prospects. If possible have a witness statement from a couple of people verifying your story. Now you have a couple of options: the nuclear option is to put in a complaint to the FSA for breach of confidentiality, or you could tell DAS you will do so unless they sort out the situation to your satisfaction.

    For a broker to even tell someone else that you are their client without your written permission is a serious breach of FSA rules (in all EU jurisdictions). For a broker to tell third parties that you are a debtor (whether true or false) is also a serious breach of rules. When HSBC Insurance Brokers sent a CD ROM with unencrypted client data through the post they were fined several million quid. While your case is not in the same league, such a breach of confidentiality should get the person gobbling off fired (at least). If you involve the FSA and you have a valid case, then DAS would be looking at a significant fine and possible (though unlikely if they fire the offender) loss of license.

    Good luck
  3. Thanks for the reply Dread.

    I will pass this info on to the relevant people and update this for others to see how it pans out.

  4. Bluevein,

    Dreads (very good) advice is specific to the UK company, it is, however, worth checking whether the broker is representing the UK or German company. If it is the German company, you will need a German speaker. I would also question how a DAS employee can get access all over your camp.

  5. I had DAS issues, mainly due to them messing up the direct debit.
    On the whole though very good insurer, quick to sort my claim out.

    They have an on camp office at JHQ- would explain the on camp bit, their reps all speak fluent English, or at least they did 2 yrs ago
  6. Shouldn't that be die insurance brokers bfg?
  7. I used DAS in the 80's at JHQ and I banked with the Sparky Bank just around the corner from thier office. I too had a direct debit problem. Problem solved by dragging the sales rep into the Sparky and getting him and the bank manager to sort it out there and then. Guess who was at fault.