Darwinism at Work - Vegan Dating

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbrownprivates, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Vegan dating: Finding love without meat or dairy

    Classic - as long as he doesn't donate sperm, then this vegan could be an evolutionary cul-de-sac

  2. Would a vegan girl spit or swallow?
  3. In my experience, they swallow.

    I suppose it's a good way to get protein ;)
  4. How can someone let ideology get in the way of tasty, crispy bacon.
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  5. WOuldn't want to be around when the dirty ***** fart!
  6. Got a mate who is a Vegan but he gets Vegan bacon as a treat made from mushrooms, not magic, and they sizzle and taste like Bacon apparently! Why not just get Bacon if you misss it that much!! What about the poor mushroom?
  7. That thread is incredible.

    I will be referring everyone to this in the future. Hell, I could even market a 'Cure to morning sickness' program that would enable me blowjobs from here to infinity.
  8. Never mind all that malarkey just get out to the far east. BJ's are a way of life out here.
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  9. Would it be safe to assume, therefore, that he is reassuringly heterosexual?
  10. I thought i'd try quorn to be healthy and it was chicken flavour or so it said. I found it tasted more like breaded wood chip, bacon flavour my arse. Oh and quorn is also made from funghi apparently so i'll eat mushrooms instead with bacon. In fact that's what i'll have for lunch.
  11. What I always wonder about is how do them pale smelly ******* get here at all, I mean Vega is a relatively local star, but what kind of lentil powered fart will shift you 25 ******* light years...?
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  12. "If I kiss someone I just do not want the hassle of wondering, what is stuck between her teeth?"

    That, I submit to the ARRSE jury, is far from being a problem confined to vegans.

  13. "I did break up with someone over cheese," he says.

    He sounds gay to me.....