Darwin Awards for 2020

I was surprised to see there isn't a thread for 2020, so here you go folks...


Are we able to nominate?

Someone who persists in posting Remainer threads time after time after time after time . . . .?
Who is wrong, is it Darwin Awards for those who kill them selves or , Who is going to die this year?

Those who I think will die would be Phil the Greek, Kirk Douglas and Mary Quant.

No idea if Bud Goatficcer from Idaho might shoot himself in the face or Stav Bolobovick will jump from a crane doing a selfy, or Frank Himtelzs decides to test if his home made bullet proof helmet made of Spam works with an AK 47 round.
I think some people are struggling with the difference between Dead Pool and Darwin Awards.

Fuck it my mistake 1300+ SNP voters due to dodgy smack/fake valium 100+ aspiring rappers/footballers in the shitehole formally known as London
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