Darwin Awardee?

No doubt a competing firm of solicitors will be eager to do a no win no fees claim on behalf of the mong burglars family for not making the chimney spastic proof and not proving emergency lighting and an escape route in the chimney....
Moody and Woolley Solicitors? That MUST be a menopausal made up name.
He may also be the winner of the Derby 2005 hide-and-seek competition.
Nothing to see here. Just liars dealing with some **** who did not pay his conveyancing fee.
Solicitor "Did he take the lead flashing ?"

Police "He was fully clad when found so we have no idea if he exposed himself during an act of scrap acquisition"
Get a job you idle wretch.
I am retired but thanks for the sentiment. I only do a bit of consultancy work now.

Though on the subject of IDS and sums it seems his figure of 900,000, dropping off incapacity rather than face ATOS, was not adjusted for the "Natural wastage" figure. That is short term claimants and deaths. The figure should have been adjusted by the Natural turnover or wastage figure of ????? 900,000. But that would mean that the figure for people dodging ATOS and stopping claiming disability is ZERO. That's stats for you eh ? Instead of 900,000 "Idle wretches" it was 900,000 people returning to existing jobs and a number ending their service on the planet. Hope this is helpful.
"Apparently he had an accomplice known as "IDS" who had calculated the cross sectional area of the chimney and approved it as suitable for his access to work scheme. Turns out IDS ain't too strong on his sums sarge"
A man's died, for God's sake have a heart h. Did he die of ashphyxia of did he have an emberlysm.
Anyway it's goodnight from me and it's lignite from him.


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one could say that he was done up like a Kipper.

or that smoking was back for his health.

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