Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Santa_Sunday, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. There is not enough mention of darts in here..... This is the sports' forum after all.!

    Sid Waddell says it's a sport - and he's a graduate from Cambridge. Who are we to argue.??

    My money is on Phil 'The Power' Taylor for this year's World Championship. I also think he should have won Sports Personality of the Year too........ 8O

    What do you reckon..??
  2. the power is ok, but i'm a viking man, all the way. but then i haven't had chance to watch the championships this year, so i don't even know if he's in the running at all, nevermind whether he's still in it.
  3. Do you mean this man..??


    What an athlete. But he is BDO, so de facto he is shite.

    I am a bit tongue in cheek actually, but al least it is a break from people trying to 'blast their lats' in here.
  4. Forget potted sports. We want Pub Sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Correct.............

    Shove 'apenny - Doms - Ring the Bull (Choughs, Blandford circa 1987) skittles, fighting in the car park, (got corps colours for that..!!)

    loads of good physical sports that encourage teamwork, strength, fair play and violence.............
  6. I cried the day they took the ring out of the Choughs. It has gone from being a good pub with a good jukey, to being a soulless dump full of white necked sprogs
  7. Well Phil "The Power" Taylor wins the title for the 13th time destroying Peter "One Dart" Manley 7-0 in the final
  8. He's my hero.........

    Makes Valentino Rossi look like a girl......
  9. Makes Boris Johnson look like a girl
  10. Boris is a handsome man..........
  11. I bet he's a wag on the p*ss. Taylor was sweating like Michael Jackson at a McDonalds party last night though.