Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Maximillian, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Apparently there is a significant body who want live firing stopped here especially as there will be a review of Army Training on Dartmoor in the next few years as it is a National Park. Anyone have any strong views on this? Was this not the place where the Royal Marines and Army did live firing before the Falklands conflict?
  2. I smell journalists, albeit one who apparently has no grasp of grammar or syntax. So that probably confirms it...

    Put the hours in if you want to do some research Maxy...
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Max - both of what you say is true. I am a Devonian, ex-forces and have tramped along the moor for many years. I have many friends from school who were from the farming community and live firing on the moor has been a problem, as has been the tourist ramblers / Ten Tors mobs straying into the templates.

    I see the arguments on both sides, training space in UK is very limited and compromise must be made. But it does have its effect on moor, physically and financially.

    My view - training is a necessary fuction of defence. Compromise must be made to accommodate it.
  4. Doing sheep with the 81 should be on everybodies training matrix

    But dartmoor makes my colon quicker YUK
  5. Remember what that guy at The Slaughtered Lamb said? `Beware the moon.'
  6. WTF????

    Journalist??? No grasp of Grammar or syntax??? Care to point out where please?

    You sir are a moron. I heard something on Radio 4. As a new member I just wanted to get some more info and what people thought of this.
  7. And as a new member asking questions that could fill column inches as a non story in any national paper, you appear to be a journalist.
  8. I refer to your first sentence. Punctuation is no longer on the ration. Subordinate clauses are syntactically worse than short sentences.
    yours moronically, cuddles.
  9. Well I am not a Journalist.
    Thank you Mysteron for doing exactly what I thought would happen, i.e those who may be affected from what I heard on Radio 4 making comments, rather than rubbishing one's grammar, and making half baked claims.
  10. Dont worry Max all these forums seem to be full of people picking holes in posts. Most people do not worry about spelling or grammar so long as its understandable. As for myself I walked the length and bredth of the moor many times as boy and man its one of the finest places in this country. There should be areas for live firing maintained, but all those who reside there should be consulted. Hussarrrrr
  11. Catch 22

    Dartmoor, Salisbury Plain, Sennybridge and Otterburn are all beautifull places. Obviously not so when your knee deep in mud and muck, but other than there natural beauty, why is this? Probably because for many years the MoD has gone to some pain staking and sometimes some very **** lengths to keep it that way. If the Mod moves out, Whimpy, Barrat and all the other cement pourers move in and cash in.

    Not ideal I know, but the opening up of Eastern Sailisbury plain has made it accesible for all to enjoy, and we still get to make noise.
  12. Wouldn't mind your spelling or grammar, unless you:

    a)Were picking someone else up for it whilst producing crap yourself;
    b)Moaning about SNCOs writing on rulers;
    c)Whinging about falling educational standards;
    d)Appeared to be a journo.

    Personally I believe that Dartmoor provides exceptional value for money as a training resource. This is equally true whether considering arduous dry training or live firing. If you ask farmers,ramblers, peaceniks and tree huggers whether the local TA should be closed or further restricted, they tend to cry "Yes!".

    Dartmoor's status as a habitat is only what it is because the core of the TA is restricted in access.

    Nothing controversial there, happy to contribute...now I'm off to my day-care!
  13. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    The review is due 2012.
    Nothing new or secretive about it. Read the Website:

    Another non story by a bored hack.
  14. How "significant" is the lobby anyway? Is it not simply being well-organised and vocal at present?
  15. Has their been significant infiltration by journalists on this site to produce such paranoia? :)

    I heard this on You and Yours and instead of googling, asked people here first to cut straight to the chase...I won't bother in future.

    I don't find Sennybridge Beautiful but thats probably because there was always a god awful mist and drizzle as I have only ever been there in the winter, I did like the training area surrounding Catterick, and there was a Fort near Bodmin (the name escapes me) where I trained in the OTC which was lovely in the Summer...