Darth Abdullah

First off I’m a Brit, but not a soldier, I’ve worked with the 1st ID at Wurzburg and my bro has done eighteen months at Balad. My dad is there now up armouring Bradley’s He will have been there two years next June. I’m not a Walt, infact I could think of nothing worse than being a Walt (or a journalist). I'm going to be honest, the money is good.

But I do read your forums because it’s difficult to get an idea what you guys are about from the BBC etc.

Thing is, I found a video of the king of Saudi, in his black robe getting out of a shuttle to the ‘Imperial march’. Played by some of your collegues no less.

Cracked me and my mate up no end! So I just thought I’d share the link.


I promise to crawl back under my rock after this post. And i'm not a journalist, i don't give a toss who decided to play it, i'd buy him a beer though:)
It made me laugh as well.

Hopefully, if Kim Jong Il from North Korea is ever invited on a state visit (nothing sanctioned by New Liarbour would surprise me these days) the Guards bandmaster, or whoever selects the tunes, will treat us all to an orchestral arrangement of "I'm so ronree" from "Team America".

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy)

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