Darlington pub bans squaddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by krs1, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. I thought most pubs in Darlo had banned squaddies? Any observations? Just to be clear - I'm stab and I work in the media.


    From The Northern Echo 8.2.10

    A PUB has been accused of discriminating against the Armed Forces after barring squaddies at certain times of the week.

    Sharon Lupton, 52, whose son has served in Afghanistan, forced The Hoskins, in Darlington, to take down a sign which said that groups of well-behaved squaddies were welcome – but not on Fridays and Saturdays after 7pm and not after 3pm on Sundays.

    Despite the concession, however, the chain which runs the pub said its policy of refusing entry to large groups of Army personnel at the allotted times remains in place.

    Mrs Lupton, of Lorraine Crescent, Darlington, whose son, Paul Leonard, is an aircraft technician with the RAF and has twice served in Afghanistan, wrote to the Barracuda Group after her daughter alerted her to the sign above a door.

    She said: “I am really irate.

    I just find it discrimination.

    Why can’t they come in and have a drink whenever they want? And why take the sign down if the policy still stands?

    It is pointless.”

    In her letter, Mrs Lupton said she was appalled by the sign, adding: “I thought pubs employed doormen to stop any trouble and eject the people causing it, regardless of their colour, occupation or any other agenda.

    “My family, friends and I will not be using this pub until [you] give our servicemen and women the respect and admiration they deserve.”

    Sarah Calderbank, a spokeswoman for the pub group, said the pub had reviewed the way it communicated its policy after admitting the wording of the sign had provoked the wrong sort of response.

    She said there had been a number of incidents over the past few years involving groups of intoxicated Army personnel in the Darlington area and it had long been an emotive subject among licensees.

    She said this had led to some licensees in the town refusing entry, while others, including The Hoskins, had adopted a policy to restrict admittance.

    The spokeswoman said the pub’s continued stance was particularly aimed at Army personnel from Catterick Garrison, in North Yorkshire.

    She said: “The Hoskins is a family-friendly pub that serves food throughout the day and evening. While we do welcome customers from the Armed Forces, we reserve the right to refuse large groups if we believe they have the potential to impact on other customers’ enjoyment of the pub.

    “We do accept that the sign may have caused unnecessary offence to Mrs Lupton and that is the reason the manager took it down, however, our policy on large groups of squaddies will remain.”

    Darlington businessman Alasdair MacConachie, chairman of the Independent Advisory Panel of Catterick Garrison’s Infantry Training Centre and a former soldier, said: “To put these signs up is an absolute disgrace and discrimination in my considered view.

    “I am very supportive of the military who do a fantastic job and there is a lot of strong support for them in Darlington.

    “Generally speaking, if a squaddie misbehaves they will be fiercely dealt with when they get back to barracks and are fined and subject to disciplinary procedures.”

    Sergeant Dave Kirton, of Durham Police, who manages the town centre beat team in Darlington, said soldiers and other members of the Armed Forces caused an “insignificant amount” of trouble.

    He said: “We don’t agree with any particular group in the community being automatically barred, whether it is soldiers or anyone else.”

    ■ A snapshot survey by The Northern Echo of ten town centre pubs found that none had a policy of automatically turning away groups from the military services.

    Carl Mafham, joint manager of the Red Lion, in Priestgate, said: “If they come in and treat the place right and don’t cause any hassle we have no reason to turn them away.”

    Robert Watson, manager of Tanners Hall, in Skinnergate, added: “If they behave themselves we let them in. Ninety nine per cent of them are fine.

    It’s just the one per cent who give them a bad name.”
  2. Thats OUTRAGOUS, how the hell did the TA let a journo into its lines....... I can hear the bus warming up already.

  3. So anything goes after those times then? :twisted:
  4. Darlo is and always was a shithole. Even compared to the lovely scorpion nightclub in Catterick darlo was shit. So just give it a miss and no probs.
  5. Other pubs to go to I'm sure.It's the pub chains' loss.

    Use this handy guide to finding their other pubs,and boycott them!

    (I hope this is the correct Barracuda chain!)
  6. The Scorpion,nows theres a place I almost forgot about.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ah indeed and whats the name of that pub/club that was a few hundred yards before on the same side? it was always a warm up there before The Scorpion.
  8. Darlington - A town that should be charged for crimes against decency. The place is a s**t hole.
  9. Wasn't it the Colburn Lodge or something? (going back twenty years! so prob wrong)
  10. I always thought Darlo was ok but then again I was brought up in the back streets of Peterlee.
  11. There was the colburn lodge before scorpions on the same side. Colburn what a great place - whats the biggest day of utter confusion in Colburn with hundreds of sprogs running about confused = Fathers day.
  12. It's been going on for years so I'm not sure why everyone is surprised. Your right Darlo is a hole, it's squaddies from Catterick spoiling it for the rest of us.
  13. Non story really - pubs all over the country have been doing it for years, having been in a Barracuda bar you ain't missing much anyway. If they dont want your cash theres plenty of cash strapped pubs that do!
  14. it's still there and still as ..er... interesting as it ever was!
  15. stop being so fecking precious, squaddies have always been barred from boozers, mainly coz they're a bunch of drunken fighting monkies

    The historical way of dealing with it was to grow your hair a bit, don't go round in a pack, dress less like a squaddie and the main one FECKING BEHAVE YOURSELVES LOL