Darling: Labour Has Lost The Will To Live

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by insert-coin-here, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Darling: Labour Has Lost 'The Will To Live'

    It would appear that in a rare momment of empathy A senior Labour minister sucessfully manages to gauge the mood of the country.

    It is quite incredible that a man in his position still thinks the Labour shower has anything left in the magazine.

    What exactly does he think they have left to 'come out fighting' with?

    Perhaps he should consider just letting nature take its course and Labour being sent into the political wilderness for another twenty year stretch.

    I just hope that if the tories turn out to be the BluLabour that many think they are that it does not take the electorate 12 years to figure them out.
  2. I wish Brown had lost the will to live.
  3. Please add to the above:

    Mr. Mandelson (before he joins the Tory Party), Harriet Harman, Ainsworth, Johnson, Ed 'Pain in The' Balls, 'Simpering' Yvette Cooper, Dawn Primarolo, Mr. 'Sacked Speaker' Martin, Mr. Foulkes, Mr. Joyce, Burnham, Cruddas, 'ashie', Livingstone, Bob Crow, especially Peter Hain - and his sun-tan, Patricia Hewitt, Catherine Ashton (ever heard of her? No, I thought not. She is the unelected, unaccountable, over-paid ESU Commissioner FFS), Mr. 'The House of Lords Must Go' Kinnock, Mrs. Windbag, 'Lady' Scotland, T. Bliar, 'parapuke', the lovable Cherry Bliar, Milliband - whole 'effing clan, 'Stuttering' Jack Straw, Shitty Vardera and many, many more!
  4. I'm sorry, you appear to have been misinformed; you clearly imagine that the modern political animal requires something in the way of substantial policies, principles or ability in order to achieve high office. That's so last millenium. The modern way is for the people with the best hair and the neatest sound-bites to be wafted to power on a mellifluous flatus of mendacious Mandelsonian spin. If any proof is needed of the final triumph of manipulated image over genuine substance, consider how the hell else such a fundamentally worthless and inept person as Darling could be put in charge of the nation's finances. It's either that, or the mind-control ray from the shape-shifting lizard-men of 70 Ophiuchi B (see Tony Bliar's blink-rate for evidence of this hypothesis).

    All the best,

  5. How could you, Darling
  6. Cyclops hits back
  7. No, what he actually said was "Not..... not..... not at all....." The doddering old blind incompetent bar-steward. Somebody ought to put him out of his misery. Why wait for his deluded pain killer addled mind to finally give up the will to live? We would have all done that long before he does.