Darling and the 50% tax level

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. The answer to your question above is: YES.

    With the components of their policy being: Envy; Spite; Malice and Waging Class-Warfare, making it up on the hoof seems their only option.

    Why are we British so equable? If this was the French government ruining the nation for a generation to come, the tractors would be on the roads, the fishing boats at the harbour mouths, the students on the streets and blood everywhere.

    In this country - nothing.

    We sit back whilst what is left of the nation is destroyed by a man who must be close to being certifiable!
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  3. Of course it is temporary - it will raise £2Bn each year to recoup the £176Bb so it will only last 88 years.

    I've rounded up/down to help Alisdair and Ashie with the sums. Hopefully we won't need to borrow anything next year cos it might affect calculation.

    Economics - what a doddle!
  4. Doubt it, Brown didn't take much notice of what Blair wanted when he was PM, why should he now .....
  5. I'd be amazed if Tony Blair paid any of this tax.
  6. Of course it is temporary: the scum who introduced it will be out of office in a year.
  7. Tory Lies!
  8. Never underestimate the 'Short Sightedness' of the festering Masses. Those that have the most to lose will be out in force to vote, or more to the point, when the voting slips land on the door mat they'll be getting ticked for Labour. That Welfare Budget of £114Billion is one heck of a vote buyer, as it the army of public sector workers that earn bucket loads for doing relatively low skilled work.

    The 50% Tax rate only affects a tiny tiny amount of the vote, so even if they all voted Tory it would barely scratch the surface as the recipients of these wages are spread quite thinly across the country; whereas Labour's mass voting army are quite high in number everywhere.
  9. A lot of shouting on here, but the amount of ARRSE members who actually fall into that higher tax bracket is probably extremely low, despite the usual ex-squaddie claims. Isn't it right that the fabulously wealthy who created the global financial crisis should pay slightly higher taxes?
  10. Short sighted springs to mind... This is exactly the smoke screen that Gordon wants the average mong on the street to believe, but the fact is that only a minute amount of people will pay that tax and many of them will be in the public sector and unable to use simple tax avoidance methods.

    Added to that is the fact that the Financial sector probably pays more in taxes than the rest of the industrial sector in the UK put together, so when these people decide to jump ship to a country that's more to ofer and less tax to pay it just becomes as useless as the prize prrick that read it out on Wednesday.
  11. Cardinalsin - You are quite right - probably very few on here will be in the super-tax bracket, so we can avoid the usual Labour cry that it is only the very few super rich who are affected and bleating.

    Perhaps the point is that we can see the futility of the gesture - because that is what it is. It is a cheap political trick to try and shift attention from the fact that the government has plunged us further into debt and they don't want us to notice the fact that the super rich might pay back 0.011% of the overdraft.

    Perhaps we can also see the writing on the wall for 5 to 10 years time when inflation returns and middle incomes start creeping closer to the super-tax levels. Once Labour introduces taxes more and more gradually creap into their bracket.

    Finally, maybe we don't see the value in squeezing the rich till they squeak, because in reality they clear off and take their business with them. the knock on effect, hits middle earners first. It is a cascade effect which eventually harms everyone.

    Socialism at its worse - the politics of envy and spite
  12. Because excessive tax puts people off earning too much. And the fabulously weathly don't pay that much tax as they can afford to hire accountants to read through 3 tons of confused tax codes dreamt up by a dribbling idiot to find every single get out clause. Or, in the case of a few "VIP's" get a Government Minister to call off the Tax inspecters.
  13. And what of those who will be required to rebuild the economy/ What of the entrepreneurs who build buisness, employ people and pay NI and buisness rates? Why should they then be further penalised/

    Also, why should someone who has earn't his way up the ladder pay over half his wage? (remember they will also have to pay NI) Surely 25% of £150000 is more than 25% of £25000. That way you stand a fighting chance of the high earner paying, rather than avoiding throw GB's complicated tax laws or just re-locating to sunnier and more agreeable climes?
  14. What a load of nowt about nowt. The Chancellor announced an extra 5p in every pound for amounts over £150,000. Got that? 5p in every pound over £150,000.

    5 blinkin' pence.