Dark Souls


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Is anyone getting this beast? I pre-ordered it today (although it comes out on Wednesday so I'm not holding my breath for early delivery) after a mate mentioned it to me over the weekend. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it.

Dark Souls

It looks absolutely mental. It's supposed to be one of the hardest games made in the last decade (as we all know developers have been dumbing them down since the PS2 first came out). You are expected to die about 50 times per day (don't worry, you're already in the afterlife as best I can tell), the monsters being as hard as they are, and on the off chance you actually reach a save/rest/level up point you have to really think about actually saving the game because doing so respawns ALL the creatures in the game.

Dark Souls Review, Dark Souls PS3 Review - GameSpot.com

There's an element of multiplayer, too, in that you may see from time to time the soul of another game wandering around the same area. There is rarely direct contact, from what I've seen, although most reviews point to the possibility of both helping and hindering your fellow players. You can scrach messages in the dirt to warn them of an upcoming ambush, or conversely you could send them heading straight for it. There is no in-game chat or other direct messaging, and apparently on the XBox they've even looked at possible workarounds using the XBL voice chat and nerfed those as well.

From what I've read, this game promises to be the most ridiculous and annoying game you'll ever play. I'm considering investing in a new pad, on the basis that my current one could be broken within the month. On the flip-side, though, it is apparently immensely rewarding in a way that Modern Warfare could never be. I'm so glad I'm not back in the office until mid-November, as I think I could be on this game for some time!
Ive not heard of that either, ill have to have a look when I get home after lunch (damn internet police at work wont let me look at the sites).

I have been a little wrapped up in the wait for SWTOR so haven't really looked at much else. I haven't come across much in the way of single player games that have really grabbed my attention since F.E.A.R. and the Half Life series.


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Well the postie dropped it off a few hours ago, and I can confirm that it's ******* difficult. I died seven times just in the tutorial phase.


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Looks like another button tapping hack'n'slash. Not my thing.
Not even close. Combat is surprisingly in-depth and totally unforgiving. Block when you should have parried and you leave yourself open to three follow-up blows, over-extend and you'll be out-manoeuvered. Each enemy has a variety of attack patterns that you need to adapt to so there is no repetition. Bash away at your peril.

I'm struggling mainly because the game is so open-ended. There is almost no direction beyond a basic "you need to do this at some point" so you're essentially wandering an open world. No quests, very little NPC interaction, just loads of ******* creepy dungeons.
So the weekends over Bruno, what would you say your death count is?

I watched CynicalBrits review of this on youtube and he died plenty in the 10-15 minute slot he had to play it.
Just ordered it, it had better be good for 38 quid.
Got this the other day, it's pretty bloody hard, good fun when youmanage to get past a bit where you normally keep getting killed.

The online interactions are quite good, always fun to see how another punter has copped it from their bloodstain. Would love to meet the twat who left a message on the ground saying "treasure ahead" only for me to run into a gangrape.


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I won't lie, this game is really leaving me twitchy. I died seven times this morning just getting to one of the first, easiest bosses. Don't ask me what happened when I made it there. Needless to say I went on Space Marine for a bit to cool off. And promptly got dicked there, too.

There's some guy keeps leaving messages in my game, all saying the same thing: "I can't take this...". At first it was amusing, now it's just sad. However, I've just picked up my first "pen" so I might leave humorous insights for others getting stressed.
Don't troll too much, if your messages get enough negative reviews you end up with a bounty on your head and for the rest of your game you get spammed by mini bosses, get positive reviews and you get a reward.
I won't be trolling, just cheering people up!

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Played it (offline) for a few days, its okay but nothing special. I doubt Bethesda are going to worried by it when they release Skyrim.

The enemies seem to be ultra hard with not real way of beating most of them until you have vastly improved your stats. the save points are a pain in the arse you can play for 20 minutes then die and have to do the whole lot again, I don't consider that to be hard I just think it to be a waste of time. It doesn't really live to being an "open" game either. Most of the time you are restricted by barriers (Walls, ridges etc) and the different areas are connected by single points unlike games such as GTA or Oblivion where you can wander around freely.

For those just starting out, stick close to the campfires whack a few enemies, go back to the campfire replen (All your enemy will also come back to life) and whack them again and keep repeting until you can level up. If you are entering an unknown area, rest at a campfire and try to use up all your souls (because you will lose what you are carrying) and just the sprint button to avoid the enemy until you get to know the area.

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