Dark Power of the Internet...

Sad cautionary tale that shouyd be waved in front of the faces of everyone's daughter as a warning about boys, and the need for Dads to keep shotguns handy..

Seems that a young lady of questionable sense [ age 15 at the time ] was ' in love' with a young man.. so besotted with him was she that, under the spell of passion ' she posed for some, shall we say exploitive and graphic photos, purely out of love..

Well. said young man, insecure as he was at his age, found out through a ' friend ' that said young lady had given a rather expensive gift to another male friend.. He confronted her and threatened her demanding ' reparations' and a concrete expression of her love for him [ i.e. cash - large amount ]..
she, not impressed with his imprecations reported his efforts to authorities who arrested the lad for ' blackmail/extortion ...[ rightly so, according to the courts ]..
as a consequence/revenge. the lad set up a website and posted the, previously mentioned love offerings, to the world, suggesting in the accompanying text that the site ' belonged' to the young lady herself..

Naturally, once unleashed, the beast that is the internet can't be stopped...The photos now float the ether unretrievable.. authorities can't get the service provider/host of the website to shut it down [ the service provider located in the US and not in Canada, cliams no obligation and sees this as a ' freedom of expression/speech issue ]..

The cops have been able to charge the young man with trafficing in ' child porn ' as the girl was ' underage ' at the time, and with impersonating her in the context of the site..but..
young lady is now an internet star with her photties floating forever on the world wide web, unretrievable and immortal..

Back in the stone age of my youth all we had to worry about was malicious gossip in teh cafeteria...

If it had been my daughter, said ' youth offender' would have no hands left to touch keyboard or move mouse, or eyes left to watch the results on the monitor...

Police Spokesman is miffed at the ' level of co-operation ' received from the Host Server ...someone may need a bigger gun or longer range device...
dude my sister is 15! most of her mates look at least 18-20! yes its a tad illegal, but the girl in question was 15 at the time! if the story is 1 year old that makes her legal!
grab_a_spoon! said:
dude my sister is 15! most of her mates look at least 18-20! yes its a tad illegal, but the girl in question was 15 at the time! if the story is 1 year old that makes her legal!
And you would shag them?

Chaps, keep your dirty little, and very weird, fantasy to yourselves.
Dude she was still 15 at the time the picture was taken.

There's plenty of naked on the internet without resorting to that.
Story appeared on the front page of today's { April 22/05] Globe and Mail - Canadian National newspaper [ probably can find it online at globeandmail.com ]
Investigating officer was Detective Constable Chris Purchas, Sex Crimes Division [ used to work for my brother who's now a Division Superintendant ]...

No names to protect the minors involved...sad part is that , while the boy gets time and community service as a sentence.. there's no limit on how long the girl's piccies make their way around the world and back again via the www...
Wasn't ther a supreme court case in Canada that determined legality of child pornography, or at least possession of it, is protected under the "new" Canadian constituion and charter?

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