Darfur Bloodshed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wait_out_131, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Scotsman.com

    Yes, I am aware that the rally was held in London, therefore was all ways going to have the crowd wanting a British solution to the problem, but seriously, could UK plc help with her current deployments?

    Numerous UN resolutions have been ignored by the rulers in the Darfur region, narrowing down the answers drastically, however military intervention is still one.

    Just a rumour I heard once, apparently other nations in the EU have armed forces. Anybody else heard something similar?
  2. I heard that rumor, I also heard only us, the Germans and Americans knew where the airports are
  3. I don't understand how having celebrities bleating about Darfur is going to help the area... unless we strap them to 2000lb bombs...
  4. No oil. No interest.
  5. NOW you're talking!!

    Hugh Grant strapped to a nuke Dr Strangelove like does have a certain appeal!
  6. Why don't the celebrities join the TA, and then get themselves over there on a tour?

    All very well saying, we don't mind you using military force this time, but where were they whenthe military were being downsized?
  7. The African Union are not upto the job. The US and EU are bankrolling a failure in order to show that Africans can look after Africans ( they cant ) I was in Darfur for 4 months working with the AU and saw the everyday failure of troops from African countries. Exception being the Rwandans and Eygptian Police Observers who were extremely good at their job.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm thinking that world statesman, or vicar, er, wotsisname . . . Tony Blair. His bum wouldn't look big in a 2,000 pounder.

    Nobody seems to be bleating about the fact that this is a muslim pogrom against Christians. I wonder why that is?
  9. The Rt. Hon Vicar Blair of St Albians would be the test drop.

    On a similar note, I saw an article selected by The Week about Iraqistan etc saying a similar thing, that although the overwhelming amount of casualties were arab on arab, and muslim on muslim, and even though some of the recent bombs were chlorine based, there was not even a murmur from the mullahs, only more rhetoric about how America and Britain are the cause of their problems (even though ever since Islam entered the fray, advancement is non-existent.....)

    I saw a show (don't know which one, I was wasted) and it had a commander of one of the African Union forces, saying that he wouldn't commit his troops to intervene in a battle or event, because they might get hurt 8O
  10. It is stunning to notice, that a so called million protested about the invasion of Iraq in its first year of the War and the saying from the left and Muslims was, “It is all about Oil”

    Genocide is happening in Africa such as in the past with Rwandan Hutu extremists who embarked on a genocidal campaign in which they murdered some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus — a genocide more efficient than that of the Nazis. (http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/news/opeds/2004/power_rwanda_nyt_040604.htm)

    Now The horrors in the Darfur region of Sudan are not "like" Rwanda, any more than those in Rwanda were "like" those ordered by Hitler. The Arab-dominated government in Khartoum has armed nomadic Arab herdsmen, or Janjaweed, against rival African tribes. The government is using aerial bombardment to strafe villages and terrorize civilians into flight. And it is denying humanitarian access to some 700,000 people who are trapped in Darfur.
    The Arab Muslim marauders and their government sponsors do not yet seem intent on exterminating every last African Muslim in their midst. But they do seem determined to wipe out black life in the region. The only difference between Rwanda and Darfur, said Mukesh Kapila, the former United Nations' humanitarian coordinator for Sudan, "is the numbers of dead, murdered, tortured, raped."

    So where are these bleeding hearts from the million march against the Iraq War gone?
    Where are the Muslims that protested across the world over silly little cartoons and who acted like rabid dogs gone?

    God Knows, but one thing is clear, they are selective protestors and only protest if it is Anti US or Anti British.
    The Muslims are causing genocide and as the Clash of Civilization book reveals, what we are watching in Sudan, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the middle East is the rise of Nazi Islam and its at our door already, with Brit Muslims blowing London Trains up and planning more outrages.

    The koran it self says Mohhamed had black slaves, so it is no surprise Muslims are treating African Blacks as they are to day.
  11. Is Darfur any different from Bosnia?

    All I know is when it is Muslims doing the killings ie the KLA in Kosovo... not a peep, when they are on the receiving end it's a different matter.

    I hate to say this but are the western governments turning a blind eye purely because the innocent victims in this slaughter are Africans?

    Is this why they ignore Mugabes much subtler genocide in Zimbabwe?

    If so, what does it tell you about their hypocrisy?

    On the other hand, if they are ignoring it because we are over committed, what does it tell you about their short sighted defence policy?

    Meanwhile as the Neros in the UN fiddle... Darfur burns.
  12. There is, a lot too. Problem is the Chinese are there already. This I think may be part of the problem. Did the protesters in London etc ask what the Chinese are doing about it? After all they are UN members too.
  13. What were the main failings of the AU troops? Kit, morale, training, organisation or all of the above? Do you think there's a way to help them get the job done, or are they just not up to task full stop?
  14. So, we and the americans go in.....

    Two weeks later, protests in london and new york (with all the same celebs) about our 'war of aggression' agianst the people of sudan.

    Also, unfortunately, nothing in modern politcs is 'do the right thing, sticking to your convictions'. it's expediency, if there are not enough votes in it, it will not happen.