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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BFG 9000, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. So, Blondebint has banned everyone from her walt group & anyone who wants to get back in has to justify themselves.

    My question is this - As Blondebint has previously been banned from ARRSE, surely (unless she can justify being here & being a useful member) she should just feck off & stay banned?

    So, come on blondbint or whatever alias you are irritating people under today, what have you got to say?


  2. Surely, this should be put to the vote.

    I, personally, would like to see the deranged, mad, hopefully suicidal, complete crazy (MPD) woman - I do use that term loosely, as psychopaths are never too sure y'know - slapped. With a very big bit of 4x2. I know it's wrong to start a sentence with but, so I didn't, but, that's just my humble opinion.

    If anyone else has any better ideas, feel free. Its a bit of a pain in the arrse to keep finding her here, when all she does is cut and paste and talk utter shite. I admit, I talk shite, but FFS, she takes the biscuit. What is the deal with the multiple log ins?

    Stand by , the slug is off to have a "quick look" at your fantastic website. Stand by, stand by.

    Can someone sit outside my house in case she tries to get the "Ssshhhhh - you know who" round to my gaffe. I am EVER so scared.

    [Slug trembles for the fear of masked men coming into the house via the dog flap and shouting at me for picking on their bezzer!!!]
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    She should be allowed to stay if she passes this scientifically-proven and unbiased personality test.

  4. Love that test, SFD!
  5. That has got to be my best post ever. I may, indeedy, plough some more money into arrse tomorrow. It's not like I need more medals, I have a few real ones, but only one minor one on arrse.

    I know you are watching, I also know some "special people". Ey ey ey ey, watch your alloys on your Sunshine Bus dear.
  6. Dale, you are in superb form
  7. agreed sluggy!

    I would like SLAG to remove her eyeballs with a spoon then force tent pegs into the sockets with a sledge hammer! CNUT while she is screaming i would tip bleach down her throat so it swells FCUK and breathing becomes difficult. Then my mate Chris Ryan wants to come and cut her tongue of with his rusty bayonet while white noise plays soothingly in the back ground!

    but that would be cruel :) how could i possibly remove the women who founded a million charities? CNUT

    do you have a charity for tourettes? :evil:
  8. Before she does anything, I want my crate of beer.
  9. Managers??? - How many of her multiple personalities does she use to run the s(h)ite and therefore be correct in saying managers?

    Fecking freak
  10. You've done it now, Dale.

    One of BB's favourite little axioms is "revenge is a dish best eaten cold". One dark night you are going to wake up with Henno at the foot of your bed....
  11. And if THIS


    isn't enough to scare you into being nice to her I don't know what is! 8O
  12. Was Yeast_Infections little crusade last night actually Blonde Bint then?

    Sorry if question seems "bone", just woke up.
  13. Yes I closed my site, but it wasn't just due to unwelcome attention!!??!!? It was because MI5 (or 'Box' as we call them) advised me of a lasting threat to my family; my ex-Special Forces prison guard fireman husband (with psychological disturbances); and my poor children.

    I have contacted my friends to sort out this situation - revenge is a dish best eaten cold - as cold as my heart and just as lonely.

    And stop posting pictures of one of my bodyguards (just voted Hardest Man Ever here.):

  14. Sad I know, but you can send him round to my place anytime!!