DARA Sealand

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by warrior8234mkIIIA2, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. before i start sending lit off to Dara sealand for calibration, can anyone tell me if its still open?
  2. Prity sure it isnt any more it moved upto scotland, but can't think of the name of the place now. I know they were moving a lot of stuff out of there.

    edited to add Its Dara Almondbank, think it is based Glasgow way
  3. Dara Almondbank was based in Perth,it is now a Canadian firm that owns it,Vector Aerospace
  4. DARA Sealand is now DSG Sealand and yes, it's still open. at least I hope so as I've got a meeting with them on Friday.

  5. Twas open when I passed it yesterday.
  6. My old folks live a couple of miles from it...shout hello next time you're passing for me!
  7. Is it still a complete and utter shithole?
  8. Sealand is very def open, we send lots of RAF kit there for cal etc. Almondbank deals with a lot of chopper stuff.
  9. DARA was open when my mate went to work this morning.
  10. Will do, think they'll offer a cuppa and a bacon butty?:)
  11. I can highly recommend the bacon and cheese butties from one of the mobile Salmonella trailers on the industrial estate close by.

  12. I used to go gliding there when I was a space cadet. Open-topped Sedberghs, grey, freezing weather and sheep on the airfield. Happy days.
  13. Can anyone confirm the address to send the calibration kit to?
  14. Certainly will and then my Dad will take you for a pint in the White Bear!