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DAPS says "Forget ARRSE"

Seriously chaps, any attempt by the MOD to canvas grass roots opinion should be encouraged. I agree that some means of doing this anonymously should be provided given the (well grounded) concerns that people have of voicing opinions that do not agree with those of the chain of command. See recent editions of The Scotsmen for confirmation!
yes lets air our views to the hierarchy, cos we wont get the old 'your squaddies, deal with it' reply. honestly the only reason they tell us to air our views is so that they can make us feel good having our jibe when all they will do is ignore or rebuff. :roll:
growler said:
"We act as a magnet throughout the Army for thought in the 'people' area."
You bloody couldn't make it up!!!
Beat me to that quote - did they crib it from a TB campaign speech? And as they "initiate projects for future changes in the 'people' realm" do they sit around wearing issue kaftans & eating nut cutlets?

I know the Army's changed since I played, but.....
Recently had commercial dealings with this DAPS shower...******* useless Maybe it was just the individual I dealt with but head up arze

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