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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. As a lowly side-scuttling chap, I bow to the sartorial elegance demonstrated by the British Army.

    Does anyone get tailor-made shirts (not uniform) and if so, any good tips? I am a big chap and normally get shirts in Lewins on Jermyn Street. However, the makers seem to equate an 18" collar & long arms with having a gut like a barrel! Any recommendations where I can capture some of the style missing in the average Crab mess? Cheers.
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  2. Don't know where you are now but there is a bloke comes to UK from Hong Kong doinf 'cheap(er)' suits. Not Sam but from place just behind him. He also does shirts. Get him to make you just one and then see what you think of it. Any Hong Kong shirt'isms can be corrected. If you use Lewins you will know that there are many bespoke shirt makers in that area. As a fellow sufferer, I know that most just add 4 or 5 inches to every measurement and call that good so tailored shirts are what you need.
  3. Turnbull & Asser if you can afford it. The cheaper, less glamorous option (in Daily Telegraph magazine last Saturday) is www.dress2kill.co.uk Bespoke shirts for circa £35.
  4. Lewins shirts are dire and best avoided - foreign made and not very good cloth; they haven't been the same since they were taken over by some multi-national. I'm told Lewins shirts are popular with Americans, which should tell you all you need to know. Before resorting to bespoke or made to measure shirts, try Harvie & Hudson - they have two shops on Jermyn Street - and do their ready made shirts in different sleeve lengths - I have a number of their shirts (with the less ape-like arms) which are excellent quality and around £65. They were doing 3 for £100 last week. They also do shirts to measure for less than Turnbull and Asser.
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  5. Stephans Shirts at Fulham for bespoke stuff

    95 Morre Park Road
    Fulham, London

    0207 731 5008
  6. Try Hilditch & Key, Jermyn Street. Good quality and if you wait until they have a sale, very good prices.
  7. Hawes & Curtis have great shirts. Again, the 18" collar presupposes that you're a lardarse, but they'll tailor them for you for a tenner and they look great.
  8. Hilditch & Key are fanastic, but limited in choices. They pride themself on detail (i.e stripes always aligning properly). No bespoke option though. Lewins are the Argos of Jermyn Street.
  9. Could the popularity of Lewin shirts have anything to do with a 50% Armed forces discount? mind you, they always seem to have a 50% off sale.
  10. Lewins is full of 'special purchase' tat and they seem to have endless sales and useless staff. Anyone cutting out the vouchers in 'The Officer' and other publications may well find that Lewins are offering even greater discounts anyway. I like Lt_George's analogy to Argos, to which I add Thomas Pink (Littlewoods) and Charles Tyrwhitt (BHS), both of which seem to employ anyone but British citizens. Quite how a gentleman can be advised in matters sartorial by a foreigner is beyond me.

    I agree that Hilditch and Key are good but with limited patterns - they have splendid nightshirts, though. I have a country shirt from Hawes and Curtis, which is good quality but purchased mainly because the assistant described it as 'a particularly brave check, sir'.

    Perhaps it would be useful to have a sticky thread here with recommendations for suppliers of gentlemens clothing and accoutrements.
  11. For bespoke shirts try New & Lingwood. They're in Jermyn street near the Piccadilly Arcade. Don't know what the prices are like but they have a good reputation. Good luck.
  12. For bespoke shirts try New & Lingwood. They're in Jermyn street near the Piccadilly Arcade. Don't know what the prices are like but they have a good reputation. Good luck.
  13. Hardy Amies, the Queen's favourite, at £950 for a bespoke shirt?
  14. George - may I remind you that I am Light Blue, not Light Dragoon!
    The Lewins shirts do come in some great fabrics and do come up well. It is not that easy to screw up a reasonable weave cotton. I could almost make another shirt from the extra fabric tho!
    I have also not found another shirt maker that has sleeves as long as they do - yes, ape found in RAF! 6'7" tall and 2nd row player, so bespoke it has to be.

    Pakeman, Catto & Carter in Cirencester - for those yellow cords and red moleskins some of you chaps wear - they also do an ever-so-stylish smoking jacket - perfect for the Mess methinks!
  15. And second class, old boy !!!

    Tally Ho

    Baron Von Reichs Pudding. :D