Daor procedure?

D.a.o...what ? Unless there was a serious reason (not just talking about a little homesickness,) when you personally chose to, is there any particular reason as to why they should let you re-enlist? Don't you usually D.A.O.R because you've realised the Army isn't for you? and now it's being asked on how long to wait before you can re-enlist?

Normally my opinion isn't as strong as this (as im sure others might agree), however people who drop out because of homesickness or the grass seems greener etc... or just because the life "in" isn't for them and then 2 seconds later the colour changes want to jump back into life in green.

You either want to join and take the sh*t on the chin and enjoy the good or continue with trudging along with civilian life.

Rant Over People......I accept i'm not in yet , and i'll happily stand corrected on other's opinion's....or maybe i'm missing something... if so enlighten me

Syn :)
P.s Nothing personal to the thread author
Pretty much syn but some people have to experience the fact that civvie street is shite just to convince themself.. training isn't meant to be a walk in the park, that's why you need to stick up with the shit, it shows persiverence ( spelling?), and then the grass sure is greener! Train hard, fight easy
when i went selection (pirbirght) .
a sgt was explaining the terms and conditions etc , and you only get ONE DOAR.
so i you reapply you dont have another DOAR
I left Royal Marine training, and they have a 6 month minimum policy to re-apply providing your reasons for leaving meet the criteria and you can convince the recruiter you genuinely made a mistake and want to re-join. Not too sure if its the same with the Army.

However, despite me having a DAOR with the Royal Marines, I still have the option to do it during Army basic training. However, I'm not making the mistake of coming back to civvi street again! It seems better in your heads lads, then once you come back you realise its shite! (I applied for the Army within the same week I left Marines.)
I've noticed from other threads your DOARing from ITC...... have you thought about a reallocation??

I reallocated from the infantry during training.... and i've never looked back :)

Something for you to think about mate
Minimum of 3 months has to go by before you can reapply, and if you get back in you lose the right to DAOR again and must complete the minimum of 4 years service.

However having read your other thread, if you want to stay in then speak to the platoon commander when you get back to ITC from leave and tell them you want to stay in ;)
My mate that's just gone to ITC last weekend has lost his DAOR because he went as Junior Entry at Bassingbourn about 18 months ago and left due to family problems. He didn't want to leave in the first place but now things are sorted at home he's gone back. The fact that he has no DAOR doesn't bother him, nor the fact that he's got to do the minimum 4 years because it's what he wants to do anyway..
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