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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. i am currently in training a th ITC but have been beginnning to think the infantry isn't really for me and might change to a different trade, but if i was to DAOR how ong would it be before i could rejoin?
  2. you can rejoin training straight away you just wont be given that chance to doar again

    what week are you in?

    isnt there an option when you can be sent straight to phase 1 establishment...
  3. i am starting week 5, i am gonna try my hardest until i have no more here, because i really want it but i am a skinny guy and i don't think i am up to it and there are plenty other jobs in the army i woud ike to do

    i have spoken to my section commander and he agrees with me and said he would write me a good reference because he thinks i shoud deffinatley be in the the army just not the infantry
  4. Why not explain the situation to your DS and see about a transfer...
  5. Cal, are you jacking on us, after we gave you all that good advice in Chat?
  6. i have never been on live chat before, must be mixed up with somone else, and i don't wanna jack but there is no point staying here if i am not up to it
  7. Pal, if you passed ADSC and reached even the start of training then technically you've got the potential to be in the infantry.

    What makes you think you aren't meeting the standard? Just because you're skinny? I don't get it.
  8. i wanna know how week 4 crows can get access too the net ?
  9. i really struggle with the tabbing, and i don't know what it is but i deffinately stil want to be in the army just the infantry isn't for me
  10. got free tim because it is parents day tomorrow
  11. ffs you have only done 2 - 3 mile marches that is hardly tabbing, think a career in mcdonalds maybe more suited too you
  12. Hmm, you can't judge the infantry job from basic training though. I'm sure its still for you if you were convinced it was prior to training. You are just letting the tabbing issue get you down, which is making you consider different options.

    Can't you get extra remedial training or something to improve on your strength? I mean, even if you are scraping in on the standard, thats all that matters, right?
  13. it's not just that i can do it, just when the weight gets up i doubt i will be able to do it, and i don't know why i just think that something else would sui me better
  14. You just need to change your mentality cal. You're convincing yourself you aren't fit for the infantry. But I'm pretty sure if you wasn't meeting the standard you would of been back trooped, or put in some kind of extra training troop or something? The fact you are still in your troop means you can't be doing it that bad.

    Don't keep thinking about other jobs, and that you aren't good enough otherwise it will just eat you up and you'll send yourself crazy wanting to leave. Just try and focus on cracking on with training as well as you can. If you get further in training and it actually becomes a serious issue, then start thinking about it. But at the moment I think you are making it seem more a problem than it really is, because maybe you aren't 100% sure if you want be in the infantry and using it as an excuse. Trust me, if you were to swap or leave you'll probably look back and think "crap, I actually really did want to be in the infantry." and it will be too late then. You don't think straight in basic mate, just crack on. I left Royal Marine training thinking that it wasn't for me, and I seriously regretted it when I left. You're just having a bit of a low, just try and think positive.

    If you are pants at tabbing theres always other areas to impress on. Just crack on mate!
  15. I'm sure Sandy will be able to help you with that.....