Danny Nitingale and Lady Di

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Aussie TV are making a connection between Nitingale and allegations that "them" knocked Di, is it a full moon?

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  2. Que?

  3. Just on Brecky TV, reckon his in laws wrote a letter to CO 22, who passed it to monkeys, who passed it to civ plod.

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  4. Seriously?

    It's front page though the link is not Nightingale but his oppo who was banged up for possession of a firearm.

    Think Film!
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  5. You'd better hide. The speielung police are after you.

  6. Might be his mate, just mentioned a chicken strangler and CM do assumed it was Nitingale.

    Will be a bloody good movie.

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  7. 10 year anniversary and a movie coming out, got to drum up the sales of mawkish tat.
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  8. The moral of this story, never get pissed with the father in law.

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  9. Title of this Thread misleading, Its the Ex-Parent In-law's of the witness in the trial..... that are making accusation, about someone that reported he was behind the whole thing & he was the 2304th person on the Balcony
  10. Mate, it's Arrse, not the Wall St Journal, and I'm just reporting what I heard on Brecky TV.

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  11. Just read in the Hereford Times that the original letter was written by Niteingales wife to support her sorry his story. I also read that she is the script writer, director, producer and artistic director for the film, she is also starring in the film as Princess Di and that D is playing the part of the BG who survived but only if he can remember his lines or where he put the script. Not sure who is playing the pissed up driver but it could be one of her close family.
  12. Have I missed summat? Who is it that has a book coming out? Or is there a film about the Peoples' Princess in the offing (I know there is)?