Danny Nightingale - Oh Dear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    His missus is going to give him hell...poor devil.
  2. He may have gotten out of the merde with press outrage fuel in his wifes bus, but MOD will always get its own back.
  3. You'll never beat the system. If only he'd watched Our Girl, he'd have realised that.
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  4. From the readers comments:

    "why not give him a job in Supplies and SACK A PEN PUSHER" - good to see the usual civilian grasp of Service life reality is alive and kicking! :)
    For Sgt N, I really don't think his wife is doing him any favours. A period of silence would be welcome.
  5. But if his "Brain injury" is suitably designated they might make him an officer.

    He chose that as his defence. That was accepted by a Court ?

    If we cast our minds back to the 60s and Johnny Cooper and Co. SAS men given leave of absence to tie up one third of Nassers Army in Yemen. Israel very happy at their interpretation of patriotism to UK whose govt would have denied any involvement in the deployment. Those guys could have been caught in the same circumstances as Nightingale.

    SAS can sometimes mean "Shat on And Shafted". Anyone heard of Hail Force ?
  6. I wonder what his muckers think of him and the whole business ?

    His missus sure looks smug. Pride before a big fall maybe ?

    I'm sure we are all grateful for his service but neither him, his missus nor the MoD have behaved well in all this. Can't have helped the reputation of Them either; it really is a case of one rule for Them and another for us. Should have taken his punishment quietly and remained the grey man. Who'd employ him now ?
  7. With the slimy Max Clifford on board doesn't really matter, book deal, I'm a celebrity shite shows, the world's his lobster...
  8. He made his shitty media fuelled bed now he has to live in it. Unlucky.
  9. The man's a knob. His wife is a shocker, but the link on the side to Myleene Klaas cavorting in a bikini has cheered up my morning.
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  10. Given his history in correctly storing things in the right place, I would have thought that any job in the supply chain was an accident waiting to happen...
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  11. He should do well in the Bushtucker Challenges in the next 'I'm a Celeb- Get me out of Here' if all Lofty's training was absorbed!!
  12. You're having a girraffe aren't you, don't you remember he couldn't hack MCTC because he wasn't allowed to wear a watch :)

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  13. Although the article does mention that he is to undergo some sort of brain examination, it is still shit journalism, covering every base with a shotgun full of ink and old biros.

    Read more: SAS hero Danny Nightingale back to work | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys
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  14. I guess, given his Brain Injury, he won't be writing his autobiography any time soon - or will he ?

    He could always get Katie "the ugly slut with three freakie kids and False Tits" Price to ghost write one for him !!!