Danny Dyer and some ex Squaddie..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Track_Link, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. I just watched Danny Dyers Deadliest Men 2 on Bravo (bollox to watching Liverpool)

    He met a chap called Mo Teague..

    I've seem some old bollox in my time - in fact I've spoken some.. But fack me.. An old Mills bomb is not 'A Live Grenade'

    The Binos Danny looked through didn't look like any I found on Granby (very dramatic scene where Mo told Danny he took them off a bloke he had just killed)

    The scene where he punched Danny Dyer in the gob and then battered some poor chump to 'demonstrate' martial arts in a pub looked a lot like bullying an bigging it up to me.

    And the less said about the 'Mo Time/War Games in the woods' the better (has anyone really killed a Sentry with a Scrim Scarf?)

    Perhaps I am wrong about this chap.. But it all seemed a little odd to me.

    Anyone else watch it?
  2. No.....I've got a job. Try it sometime.
  3. I try not to work at 10pm.. It's bad for the piles you know...

    Edited to add - You'll find out about them if and when you join up xxx
  4. Too right.

    I watched it on and off. Funny stuff. Danny's not a fan of field conditions it seems. Or anything remotely difficult for that matter...
  5. Hmmmmm, I know or knew a guy by that name, I shall have to hope its on catch up on demand, if it is, then I shall report back.......

    If its the mo, I know, then it will make interesting watching, he was a total monster, and would be likely to do what you say for the craic, or just for his own perverted pleasure, so heres hoping.
  6. He was a bit of a mincer with the cling-film!
  7. the_boy_syrup

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  8. Ooooh saucer of milk table 6. Yes, look forward to doing a night shift at some point. After 36 hours days / nights tend to blur into the other so really not sure which is which. But thanks for the heads up - ill stick pins in my eyes on my next day off to prep me for active service.
  9. Man up you civvy cunt

    Stick a wooden spoon up you arrse while you're there...
  10. You have no idea Pal!
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    1st fu*king post and you resurect a 9 year old thread with a random comment, please prove you're not a spamming bastard.
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  12. That its now 2017?
  13. Fuck off you dick.