Danny Dyer and Mo Teague

I watched this last night and just could not make up my mind.

Psycho wannabe or troubled ex soldier?

Some parts of the programme showed he really was in need of some professional help.

Anyone know who he served with and what he did whilst in the Army? The only photo they showed with headress looked like RM Commando..but it was a fleeting glimpse and I know he was not RM. Lots of photos of him in either Belize or Brunei.

As for DD, what a waste of space!!
He spent some time in Scotland with RM, training to make a fillum with Sean Bean, about the formation of the Commando's in WWII.
Any idea what regiment he was with in the GW1? Says he gathered intelligence, but later on says he was there as a photographer. Not sure photographers are trained to kill with their bare hands???

Some of the martial arts forums say he is ex SAS and wait for it, Guardian Angel!..but he did not mention that himself on the programme.

Just interested from a professional viewpoint (PTSD) than any other because he does show classic signs.
Mo Teague was 1 Gren Gds, was an MFC in Mortars in Germany. Can remember him (amongst others) taking a load of prisoners we'd captured off us in GW1 (can't remember which objective it was to be honest) and later became the Bn Photographer before getting out (not sure if he terminated, PVR'd or other reason which is stated in the programme with 'geezer' Danny Dyer).
I would like to highlight that Danny Dyer is a tedious **** of the highest order.
think he gets eaten by zombies in one of his movies that might be fun to watch.
just himbeing eaten by zombies not the movie.
although zombies might be rather picky.
and as they like brains might find Mr Dyer a rather meacre snack.
Danny dyer diet food for zombies?
Why all the hate for Danny Dyer, for one of his programmes he did a feature on a couple of my friends and they said he was a top bloke and did anything they asked him too do, even though he ended up puking while doing it.
As woobyb said Mo Teague was Mortarman with the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in the late 80s early 90s. I remember him as a very active Corporal Mess member, he played a big part in organising an excellent Christmas Ball at the Halle Munsterland one Christmas.
Why all the hate for Danny Dyer, for one of his programmes he did a feature on a couple of my friends and they said he was a top bloke and did anything they asked him too do, even though he ended up puking while doing it.
Never met the bloke, but most of his TV shows seem to revolve around him more or less noshing off gangsters.

'Severance' was a top film though.
Eating cold sausgae and beans, sleeping in the woods, a little rough and tumble are hardly pre-requisites to a so called hard man! This programme was about as initimidating as the Chuckle Brothers after half a hand shandy! In the programme apart from looking like the man needs some phychiatric evaluation due to his war engagements, Teague appeared not hard at all and quite a sad, little, Walter Mitty type figure. The site of him dressed in camouflage gear in the woods was quite pathetic as was the revelation that he 'chinned a copper'.. when the man clearly didn't as would have served a custodial sentence as I have done! teague there are guys in prison who would eat you for breakfast! What I found extraordinary apart from the ridiculous fabrications of him being 'buddies' with the Royal family whilst a photographer. Total nonsence! What I found so unbelievable was that this supposed hard man didn't offer his protection when his daughter was being physically abused in her marriage when 9/10 men would have exacted some sort of revenge! Letting your son-in-law give your daughter a black eye... makes you look as hard as your doppleganger, the dart legend Jocky Wilson! Is Mo Teague for real as he appeared to be a caricature, a flimsy comic book guy brandishing a monkey wrench. Personally I think you'd be a monkey to believe the majority of the show which afterall is largely 'scripted'. Teague has been watching too many gangsta flicks and likes to think himself as part of the 'firm' when in reality he's just a lard arse gypsy and is more pussy than bully!
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