Danny Dyer advises reader to cut up exs face

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Looks like all film parts playing the hardman ( sic ) has gone to Danny Dyers head, he advised a reader writing in to agaony aunt column to "slash his exe's face up so no one would fancy her ".
    Though I can't see how anyone in his right mind would want the advice of a wannabe cockney hardman, but seeing as its a Zoo reader anythings possible.

    Danny Dyer..Slash her face up !!!
  2. "Cockney" and "Hardman" in the same sentence... surely a typo of some sort?
  3. I can only remember seeing him in one film, Mean Machine, and he played a right whiney little runt. What films did he play a "hard man" in?
  4. F**k off he's a Thespian, thats like a Walt only Gay'er
  5. Like "Nuts" and "Reader"! :D
  6. Beats me, probably the Football Factory though he more or less plays the same person in every things he "acts" in a mouthy cockney wideboy.
  7. "Danny Dyer...I believe in UFO's..." what a knobber.
  8. Cockney? He's from Essex ffs!
  9. Hes from Canning Town, East London been there a few times and not the nicest place to live.
  10. Is he? Which mockney am I thinking of then?

    He is still a plonker.
  11. Jamie Oliver ?
  12. He really is quite a tool isn't he? Certainly gives those of us born in the East End a bad name.
  13. Yes, its just Danny that gives those from the East End a bad name...no one else, just him.
  15. What a puff!! He needs to have a word with JR3 on how to properly chastise a bird....none of this girly little slashes shite!!