Danner's as cheap as I've ever seen 'em.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Biscuits_Brown, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. After the jokey boots posts in the NAAFI last the other week I reflected on the fact that my Ft. Lewis are actually a bit knackered, had a quick google to try and turn up a decent price and came across this....

    Danner Fort Lewis 10 200 Gram Black - Polimil

    Considering that's about a tenner more than it cost me to get this pair resoled/renovated the last time, I'm seriously considering buying two pair. One to wear and one to stick away for next time.

    Just thought I'd pass on the link.
  2. Thats a damn good price & thanks for the up.

    If it were'nt for the fact were awaiting the newly issued Brown/Olive Haix manufactured boot I'd be very tempted myself as my Danner Stryker GTX soles have just about given up the smoke, they were the most comfortable boot i've ever worn.
  3. They're out of stock
  4. So they are (at anything except 6.5) I suppose it was too good to be true.
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  5. I was going to order a pair at that price, shame.
  6. Best boots I've ever owned by some distance.
  7. Same here, and I paid nearly £200 for mine over twenty years ago!
  8. Yep. out of stock. Thought I might try them though I may get bored half way through lacing them up.
  9. Acadia's ain't Ft. Lewis unfortunately.

    I have had both.
  10. I know but I thought i'd have a look around.
  11. Cheers mate for the earlier link however I emailed Danner at the end of last year asking if the company was considering introducing a Brown version of my Boot or something very similar (that we can get away with in MTP that is).

    The nice lady kindly pointed towards the Pronghorn or High Country GTX model's of which the latter is the nearest I'm going to get from our friends accross the pond.

    Danner - High Country GTX® 400G Hunting Boots - Boots
  12. Good choice, I am issued Haix boots through my civvy job and they are damn good, if issue stuff is good enough then why buy.