Dannatt warns of strategic failure in Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. The head of the Army warned of strategic failure in Afghanistan today as it was announced that another British soldier had died in Helmand province.

    General Sir Richard Danatt, who has been accused of playing politics over the issue of equipment, demanded more troops and greater investment as part of a shopping list of desires.

    His plea was broadcast minutes before the Ministry of Defence said that a soldier from 2nd Battalion The Rifles was killed during a foot patrol in Helmand yesterday. Sixteen British soldiers have been killed this month.

    General Danatt said: “Quite rightly if we carry on with the kind of casualty numbers we saw last week the people of our own country might say hold on this is not a price worth paying.”

    General Dannatt claimed that to continue with the present level of funding would jeopardise the mission and that could not be allowed to happen. He said it would damage Nato, perhaps terminally, dent the special relationship with America and hand a huge PR victory to al-Qaeda and Islamist extremists.

    “We need to flip a coin and see what’s on the other side,” he said. “The cost of failure here is just unthinkable,”

    The increasingly outspoken calls from General Dannatt led to senior Government officials questioning his behaviour this week. One junior minister accused him of “playing politics” and said: “This is a very difficult time and he should know better.”

    Ministers fear that General Dannatt will launch an all-out attack on government policy when he retires as head of the Army next month.

    Showing no sign of bending to the Government’s pressure, General Dannatt responded this morning by saying: “If I have crossed the line then so be it.”

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I suspect, from this situation, that the man who cares most for the defence of the realm, and for our soldiers has taken the gloves off after the reports of a smear campaign in the papers.

    Keep them coming sir!

    General Sir Richard Dannatt accused of 'playing politics' over troop numbers, aircraft and equipment levels in Afghanistan?

    No he isn't - the things he's speaking of are part of his JOB!
  3. I'm pleased that Gen Dannatt has taken the offensive on the subject of equipment and support, but I am starting to feel concerned that he may be overdoing the Press somewhat. I hope he's careful, as the Press are unreliable allies, and feel no qualms about turning on you if they feel there are newspaper sales in it.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

  5. I respectfully disagree Magdovus. Yes the press are unreliable allies, but I say BZ to Dannatt - it is about time that an Officer as Senior as him stood up and started to fight the government on its own terms, in a language it understands.

    He is doing the right thing, making people aware, and not just bending over and taking whatever cuts the govt think to impose. He has the knowledge to make them understand just WHY defense is so important, and unlike all that have gone before, he is the first to do it while in office, even though he has waited until the end.

    He strikes me as fairly (and I mean this as a compliment) politically astute - he has waited to the right moment to launch his attack, when the media have already got the bit between their teeth, and any comments he makes will be front page news, as opposed to one line in a middle article.

    BZ Sir, keep it up, for all our sakes. Hopefully Band and that idiotic RAF Flag waver extraordinaire Torpy will follow his lead.

    edited for being a mong and unable to spell 'our'
  6. God rest the recently dead soldier. I'm glad to hear Dannatt speaking out, the government's criticism that ''It's a bad time'' refers not to Afghanistan but their own abysmal approval ratings and their battle for the approval of the British public. We can only hope that the (sincere lack of) government listens and appeases the public with a generous slice of funding for defence. More likely though, we're going to hear more of ''We increased the number of helicopters, and the troops have everything they need. Those who died in friday etc etc...''
  7. I hope he goes into politics when he leaves the forces.
  8. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I have the solution.

    Gen Dannatt should declare that the military is a Bank. Each arm is a division of said Bank. Each arm has been trading kit in ways that are unsustainable. Each arm is in dire financial need, and without it the Prime Minister's carefully constructed South Sea Bubble of financial probity will collapse.

    Cue billions of taxpayers money thrown at all arms, with no accountability, and money left over for bonuses for service personnel.


    Tomorrow GRB's answer to global warming ;-)
  9. Yeoman_dai- I agree with what you say. My point is purely that I hope he's being careful and is well-advised.
  10. I agree, he's saying the right thing at the right time, indeed I'd go so far as to say that no CGS has ever had such a favourable set of circumstances presented to him in which to make his case to the British people as a whole. We're at war and are taking casualties, the population (Trisha F*cking Goddard and her pea-brained ilk excepted) are behind the troops and are as yet largely convinced of the necessity for our presence in Afghan. The Govt. however (and Broon in particular) are discredited, distrusted, on the back foot after being widely perceived as having failed to supply and equip our soldiers properly and most important of all, on their way out and in desparate electoral straits.
    The CGS is widely seen as a good egg doing the best for his men and as he is about to retire he has nothing to lose (not that I think he would do any different were this not the case.) He has been warning about this for some time and the message is starting to stick in peoples thoughts.

    Crack on sir! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. Always whe they are on there way out to they start to make waves, to little to late, must have a book coming out when he retires.. just like Jacko did!
  12. It beggers belief that that at a time when young people are bravely giving their lives, to try to bring an end to this governments ill devised and simple sycophantic error, the man who actually knows what to do is being bedeviled by political idiots.Give the man the budget he needs to get the job done and get out of the way or suffer the wrath of the British people.We will not stand back and let you squander the lives of our brightest and best much longer!
  13. You must have a very short memory or a limited attention span, Gen Dannat has been making waves for the whole of his term as CGS, give credit where it's due FFS!
    :roll: :roll: