Dannatt Speaks Out Again: "Britain almost out of troops"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by devexwarrior, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. That's really quite appalling. I'm shocked. Silly question, and much of what is written rings true, but is this guaranteed genuine?
  2. Different topic entirely, combat.
  3. Well said Sir Richard

    An Officer who still lives and breaths the Military Covenant
  4. Still say its the Four battalions that Tone gave up to keep Gerry sweet.
    Know ya don't agree stonker old chap.
  5. I'm afraid with Gordon Brown even the good General nor God will not be listened to, I'm afraid this country is going to go through a very long dark tunnel with this man, what we have seen with Bambi will be nothing compared to what this porridge Git will do, and do you know New Labour will win the next election because the Tories are gradually digging one big fakinc hole for themselves' anything you have he will want, your money your house your life, he will give it away to others who are more needy than you or I(according to him) and you can guarantee that the recipients will not be in this country, personally I'm facink worried. :(
  6. ill agree with that pinkrat this nanny state of bliarswhere everything of yours is theirs is getting worse i see dark days ahead
  7. so does this meen that the TA will be used and abused even more?? what with MTD cutbacks how can the TA remain operationally effective.

    I have said this before and i will say it again, bring back national service (i know they wont, they cant afford it due to paying all these ba5tards that want to come to live in our country and be paid by the government) this would sort out the little sh1ts that are causing havoc in the streets.
  8. No it wouldn't. National Service would be just about the worst possible response. Far better to spend the money that would otherwise go on the wages of the conscripts on kit and training for our current soldiers.
  9. Yep, good point. not thinking clearly this morning as I was sh1tfaced last night and the misses is giving me grief!! :cry:

  10. I was worried as soon as I heard that he was going into number 10, a few months ago. Brown wont be a good PM- how can he be?...lets just hope hes not in power too long to do any severe damage..I just hope Labour arnt voted in again in 09.

    Im not a fan of David Cameron..but how can he be worse that Blair/ Brown.??
    In 10 years labour have done nothing to help us British people out.

    My message to everyone is, vote anyone but Labour in the next election.
    If you vote them in again, dont complain when you see Britain in another 10-15 years, or when your working a week before your due to die and cant get a penny off the Government.
  11. I start training with the TA next Friday.

    Looks like I'll be seeing action a lot sooner than I anticipated :S

    I strongly support what the army are doing in Afghanistan, but it is pointless wasting time on the sectarian bloodbath which is Iraq.

    To the People Who Know Something:

    Couldn't the 21,960 soldiers stationed in Germany be mobilized in an 'emergency'?