Dannatt hits out at weapons failures

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Daily Mail
    Army chief hits out at weapons failures
    31st March 2007

  2. Well said Sir.
    Good to see a Servincing Senior doing his duty by the troops he commands.
    Somehow I can't see Gorden coughing up any of the 50 million for silly projects like The Troops, got more serious things on his mind like Africa.
  3. Or outreach programmes on the benefits of drinking milk.

    The "pint a day" co-ordinators.
  4. OK. Much bashing of Jackson for his supposed silence on these matters. Now we have someone who has spoken out.
    Let's just see what effect this has.
    Let's just see if the guy resigns if he is snubbed. Then we will have lost a damned good boss for no result.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    I'm not sure, but it isn't clear that these are his views (although he might agree with them) - they are the views of units interviewed by his briefing team when they do the rounds; this newspaper has just twisted it's source slightly.

    The CGS Briefing Team Report is always put before Parliament?

  6. What a damning condemnation of a government in power for almost ten years? How could such a government embark on two major military operations, one of them arguably illegal, with an army reeling from successive cuts and equipped with the 'cheapest tools'?

    Whatever may be the outcome of General Dannatt's 'note' to Browne, he should not resign as he will only be replaced by a 'Jackson/Walker' style 'yesman' - remember who appoints CGS.

    I agree with Jonwilly, Brown will not produce any more funding, except for 'eye-catching' gesture amounts, accompanied naturally with hidden reductions elsewhere for the Forces in compensation.

    Brown will naturally trumpet his spending of millions, even billions, of OUR tax money to the wholly corrupt regimes in Africa. Why? I don't want my tax money sent to Africa, when I see elderly people in this country barely able to survive; when I see an appalling NHS; when I see the poorest of young people starved not only of a decent chance of education and proper food but hope!

    The worst country in the developed world for child poverty. (Legacy item).

    Get a grip Brown you blinkered fool and don't follow the idiotic clown Blair with his propensity for globe-trotting and posing whilst there are SERIOUS PROBLEMS TO BE ADDRESSED AT HOME - many of which caused by your hopeless handling of public finances.

  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Just before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, it is entirely routine for the findings of the CGS Briefing Team (in the form of a summary of issues raised by soliders during their tour of units) to be briefed to ECAB and the Sec State. Indeed, it was set up in '99 to improve communications between those at the top of the Army (including the Sec State) and the soldiers in it.

    This article is blatant sensationalism and will do us no favours. Anyone serving that is interested in the team, and or who wants a copy of the points that they brief to CGS and onwards (ie. the report), can access their site through ArmyNET.

  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    And, according to yesterday's Telegraph, you have ...

    1. The highest rail fares in Europe.
    2. One of the worst pension systems in the world.

    etc etc.

    Defence spending is never a vote winner. Just hope that in 2 years' time, Boy Dave and his team prove better at it than the current rabble of imcompetents.
  9. This article is blatant sensationalism and will do us no favours. Anyone serving that is interested in the team, and or who wants a copy of the points that they brief to CGS and onwards (ie. the report), can access their site through ArmyNET.


    DPM. Thank you for your informative and calming first paragraph.

    I fear I am forced to disagree with your term '...sensationalism..'. No-one remotely connected and concerned with our Armed Forces can be happy and satisfied with the treatment handed out to them by this disastrous and dangerous government.

    'The form', and the 'way things are done' must become subservient to the requirements, well-being and welfare of the servicemen and women who are the PRIME RESPONSIBILTY of those men comprising ECAB.

    I spent long enough poncing around in SW1 to know that the higher one goes the easier it is to forget the only reason we have red tabs and 'gongs' galore - the PRIVATE SOLDIER. My goodness I can recall some scalding scenes when I was bold, and old enough, to remind some gentlemen of this FACT.

    There are no circumstances, nor situations, that I can conceive of, that would moderate my total disgust and utter condemnation with and of every aspect of Blair's dreadful government.
  10. No-one understands service life anymore because we are too remote from the majorities boring self centred lives and unfortunately it don't matter which colour your politics are no-one outside serving and ex-serving circles are remotely interested about a load of whinging squaddies,
    who cares if your gear is shit Mr Tony spent (sorry)wasted millions on that junk(oops)equipment 'so just fcukn die quietly it's what he pays you for', now shut up corries startin!!
  11. I agree with him on the OPTAG front, when i went on Op Grapple 7, our OPTAG was awesome. Mine demo's, live firing demos with Warrior support, live contact demos on convoys. The whole shabang. When i went on Telic, it just seemed that the instructors were on a weeks booze and fag run to Germany. They stood up in the cinema rattling off power point, and the few demo's we got, were sh1t as well. The demo troops being uninterested Rear party wallahs. The instructors had no interest in what they were doing at all
  12. Someone should have told the good General that squaddies equipment is, as a rule, provided by the lowest bidding tender...
  13. And that, Face, is where I disagree with tenders. We should ask for interested parties to supply a prototype which demonstrates the qualities that we have asked for. It should be tested to distraction AND FOUND TO WORK WELL in every theatre which we think we will be soldiering in and then when a prototype is chosen and a production line is set up there should be penalties for slippage in delivery dates and for if the equipment does not work to the initial instructions laid down
  14. Exactly - my thoughts entirely - Nice to see Walker has gained some pompous title or other after retirement. Rewarded by towing the govt line through his tenure. Thanks Sir