Dannatt calls for rethink on Afghan resources

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    July 15, 2009

    Dannatt calls for rethink on Afghan resources as troop deaths mount

    Michael Evans, Defence Editor, and Tom Coghlan in Helmand

    A rethink is needed on the resources and troop numbers devoted to Britain’s mission in southern Afghanistan, the head of the Army said yesterday. On a visit to Kabul, General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, said that the high number of deaths in recent days had made people question “what we’re doing [and] how we’re doing it".

    “We’ve got to think through the way that we operate, the resources we’ve got, the numbers we’ve got . . . to make sure that we’re giving ourselves the absolute best chance of succeeding, and part of that . . . would then be to minimise our casualties,” he told BBC Radio 4.

    Public disquiet over the leap in fatalities — eight in one 24-hour period, 15 since July 1 — has alarmed Washington and the American military in Afghanistan because of the doubts being raised about the campaign and the resources being given to British troops, senior Nato diplomatic sources told The Times.
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  2. I wish him good luck and a blank cheque from the government.
  3. It seems to me that Gen Dannatt is trying another tack after be shot down after his attempt to assist troops in Afghanistan (with reinforcements) with his comments made at the Dinner hosted by the all party parliamentary group (billed, bizarrely, as a Tory event in most papers even though Labour Ministers were present).

    It would appear that the current Government does not wish to engage on any discussions about Afghanistan unless the agenda is set by the first sec of state and managed through the cabinet office. The main effort is the next election, as far as defence is concerned it is an embarrassing side show that is proving difficult to control.

    The main thing for the MoD community must surely be to avoid inter-nicene strive. Any arguments between the Services over cuts, reallocation of resources, funding and manpower will divide. What is most important at the moment is an Armed Forces that is united and cohesive. Only this will lead to Mission success in Afghanistan.

    I'm in the wrong job!
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    In slightly less diplomatic and simpler terms: Man up Mr Brown. Provide those resources, provide the troops you've been asked for, or risk the failure of the mission.

    If the mission fails, you can add it to the growing list of personal failures that have cost this country dearly in money, international respect, sovereignty, freedoms, rights and lives.
  5. Whilst not a crit of CGS, his words are little without solid government support and action.

    Had an interesting debate with the American guys I am working with this week concerning the recent losses and the US public's view of the situation. One summed up neatly with "your politicians don't support and get behind your troops, we can't understand here, your army is left between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to turn."
  6. The important point is the CGS has consistently raised these issues and is one of the few senior officers who has put the welfare of his men above the welfare of his own career. (Stirrup take note you waste of rations).

    He is a man of honour.

    What we need is the threat of mass resignations from ALL senior officers in the forces. This would make Broons position untenable.

    Alas, the courage of the poorly paid Toms who risk their lives on a daily basis, is not matched by the well paid yes men at the top who will not even risk their careers in order to save those self same lives.

    Still, they write nice eulogies for the boys don't they..

  7. Well said The Coming Man.

    Not sure about the threat of mass resignations though - I doubt that Brown would see beyond the savings to the Treasury.

  8. I just had a beautiful vision of CDS 1SL, CGS, CAS and VCDS marching up to Downing Street to proffer their resignations (after doing it on JPA first of course)
  9. I was just having a Band of Brothers Moment when all the senior ranks refuse to deploy with Soble...

    Oh if only they would summon up the balls...

    A bloodless military coup..
  10. Sadly, the one eyed ogre really believes we work for him!!!!!!!!


    How many days has he got left in office - I feel an ARRSE chuff chart coming on - what about it MODS ??

    CHUFF CHART showing the dmise of a Government!!!!!

    Rant over

    Coat = Taxi..........
  11. It's gone too far for that. Meat hooks and lamp posts please.
    A proper warning that will stop the next lot getting above themselves.....
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Don't fancy his chances of a Peerage if he keeps speaking out against the party line. Dannatt has my respect in that rather than be a toady yes man CoGS, he actually tries to stir things up a bit, unlike his predecessor Jacko.

    Bet Jock Strap is apoplectic that he's been shown up (yet again) and that someone has shown a bigger pair of gonads than he has.

    Obviously the political mandarins won't care one jot, they would rather see this thing through on minimum invesment and casualties be damned, just to pay lip service to the Septics. Then they can run away with their tails between their legs at the inevitable and predictable failure this disaster of a War will become, having said 'we tried to help out, it was helping out uncle sam against AQ'.
  13. Does it need to be pointed out to HM Government that HM Forces are on the same side as them against the baddies in Afghanistan.....
  14. And what namely would happen? Nothing special I suppose. Or maybe bearded Talibs would overcrowd London and Manchester?
  15. Conversly, why didn't Russia just pull out of Chechnya?