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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nigegilb, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Brown won't put UK on a war footing but sounds like the great man, General Dannatt is on the warpath!

    "Too right I am waging some kind of campaign!"
  2. Gave a good interview (IMO).

    Nick Paton-Walsh's piece from FOB Keating was very good also.
  3. In his No 2 dress with aguillette No 1. Subtle reminder he is representative of the Sovereign not the gubmint.
  4. I think the man retires Friday 28th August. That weekend`s newspapers should make for very interesting reading....with no job restraints on what he says, the weeks after his retirement will be bad news for some people! I imagine he has a lot to say.
  5. Agreed. He got some good body blows in now, when the gloves come off - many will rue the day...

    Can't wait! :twisted:

    Although I am sad to see such a staunch supporter of the troops on the ground retire. :(
  6. Feckin Dickie Dannatt strikes again. What a top bloke can't wait to see what he has to say when he retires. Knowing Sir Richard he won't guard his comments. He was a good CO and never failed to defend his troops.

    How Hard?? Green Howard!
  7. Perhaps the new CGS should keep his love of Afghanistan in check and devote his time to getting the right quality and volume of equipment to the front line? Government look very weak just now, one final almighty heave, from the widely acknowledged "politically savvy" general?

    Congrats to General Dannatt for challenging political conventions and taking the fight for better equipment and support for his men to the British public.
    Pity your counterparts have offered so little support.
  8. I've already booked leave to go to his book signing :D
  9. I'm still wary of the 'walk in the woods like Dr. Kelly' scenario. I put nothing beyond the disgusting behaviour of this disgraced government and it's devil incarnate: Mr. M.
  10. I take it that publication date is Monday 31st August?
  11. missed it is there a link? :x
  12. Haven't heard anything solid yet, if anyone does, please post it.

    The campaign against him has already been done on ARRSE, but I just found this -

    SOURCE Dated 17 Jul 09
  13. A very good interview....I think General Dannatt's main problem with the government is that he tells the truth. That concept was discarded by this government some time ago.

    The interview came across as measured and certainly not anti-government....he was meticulous to state his support for the government's policy and for the good equipment that is actually in theatre...hardly the stuff of a rogue general!

    His comment on "waging a campaign" was excellent.

    The report from the US FOB was very interesting. I think US soldiers are far more relaxed and candid with the UK media than UK soldiers are.....their comments were quite cynical (although not defeatist or unprofessional) and not the "lines to take" that UK troops are likely to be fed.
  14. Shame Brown will not appoint him as Minister of Defence (ignoring all the usual issues of statesmanship) - How nice it would be to have someone at the top who cares, has the power to place us all in a better position than we currrently are and ensure we do our best in order to extract at the right time. If Cammeron was bright enough he would suggest it and then offer to ensure Gen Dannatt is taken on by the Con (sic) Govt as Minister of Defence to ensure continuity in line with a "War Footing".
    One thing is sure, he is going to be a hard act to follow.