Dannat Speaks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Richard_North, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Dannatt speaks.

    Does anyone actually understand what he is saying? Was he actually speaking in English?
  2. Yep totally agree with everything he said. I think??
  3. Perfectly simple and straightforward. Next question?
  4. RN,

    In simple terms:

    Manoeuvrist Approach and Mission Command: Be as flexible as possible, seek to exploit opportunity, and let your men have a free a rein as possible to achieve this. We ain't there with this yet.

    Comprehensive Approach: Co-operation, collaboration and co-ord with your op partners (mil, civil, official, non-official), and dealing with them on an equal footing, to ensure your approach and plan is achievable. We might understand this approach but we don't apply it.

    Non-kinetic: More talk less chalk or, intellectual horsepower in place of firepower.

  5. I wish I woz clever like you woz.

    Thank you pombsen-armchair-warrior .. I think I understand. Is there a machine translator on the web?
  6. Straightforward.

    Political and hearts and minds solutions are the first option not the last.

    Teams like CIMIC will be relied on more and more heavily. Keep the population generally happy , they'll be less inclined to take a shot at you.
  7. I think.....(after using a BIG words dictionary) that he's talking about 2 different things together. 1) stop fighting the enemy where he is. Move until the enemy is facing the wrong way, supply routes caught off and no where to move to. 2) Let commanders AT EVERY LEVEL do what they need to to achieve 2 ups intent and stop trying to fight the section cmdrs battle for him!

    For an example of 1). Try 18th Century warfare, lots of marching and manourve until someone f**ks up and is caught out. For 2) Think of the better highly trained and well educated Imperial and Reichwehr/early war Wehrmarcht infantry under the best German staff Officers.
  8. Which audience was this said to? My guess is a RUSI or Chatham house type event (except, if Chatham house, it shouldn't be reported...) Possibly HCSC or ACSC, but again, wouldn't normally get quoted...

    Not normal 'Dannatt speak'. It's the current party line from Govt and MOD.
  9. With explanations like that; the jobs fckud. Soldiering requires short concise and comprehensive communication. That was incomprehinsible claptrap.

    Sorry, forgot to add what it really means, less and less infantry and lots more headquarters!
  10. As posted on the MoD website ... and therefore, in theory, to be read by normal (and abnormal) human beings. Hence my sardonic approach - what on earth is the point in posting such jargon-laden speech which will be incomprehensible to the (supposedly) average reader?
  11. 'tis at the top of the linky:

    RUSI Future Land Warfare Conference Tuesday 5 June 2007

    When talking to a specialist audience can assume up to a point that they will understand the jargon. But it was rather OTT and too verbose. Overall message was spot on though: need to refocus role, get the right kit for that role and do it properly.
  12. It's a coded message to other government departments. Specifically, I suspect it could be translated as 'DFID, get yer arrse in gear and get on with it in Helmland, you tossers'. An alternative would be 'FCO, stop arrsing about'. Expect other quotes strengthening the message over the next week or two.

    Good Lord, are we looking at a new PM who is known to begrudge Defence and Security expenditure? Extraordinary coincidence...
  13. Ha! My antennae twitched correctly... :D Have now skimmed the article. Would add that it could be read as a preparation for new doctrine pubs seeking to push the comprehensive approach - which will require engagement with other government departments.
  14. Surely a manoeuvrist approach would be to create the right groupings for Operations. Do not expect FCO and DFID to contribute jack sh1t. Take their budgets and train and deploy appropriate skills.
    By now the next 10 to 15 years in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, West Bank, Gaza is fairly predictable. Chance for the Army to clean up. Grow itself an empire. Broon and any future Conservative PM wants results and things done. Just up our road. Why stop there, M(military)I6 should come home to daddy too. None of this, we're over stretched crap. Buy up the whole shop. Get such a huge market share the MOD becomes bigger than the NHS. Do an Easy Jet on the world. Easy Army. Less of the orange dessies though, except when night clubbing. 8)
  15. As I suspected the use of Class A Drugs is now OK then?