Danish Troops killed by British Friendly Fire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_0ne, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Terrible news :(

  2. Truly sad, apparently killed after missile strikes on their position, thought to be held by Taliban.
  3. Tragic.

  4. Very sad news indeed. The incident was mentioned on ARRSE some time ago. The general reaction here was as you would expect: deep regret for these accidental deaths amongst comrades on operations. Rightly, there was also sympathy for the British troops involved.

    I discussed this sensitive matter earlier this month with a colleague from one of BAFF's Danish counterpart military organisations. [Who have also been helpful to us in connection with the Iraqi interpreters.] He described the attitude amongst the Danish troops very much as stated by Comd 52 Brigade. In my experience, good people to have on your side.

  5. My condolences to the families...

    But I must admit to some mystification; in my perusing this site, it has become abundantly clear to me that only those cowboy, trigger-happy Americans commit blue-on-blue, and that British forces would NEVER do anything like those septics do.

    Could I have been misled?
  6. No, we just admit our clusterf@#!s, rather than DENYDENYDENY!
    Trying to put one over on UK forces in this snide manner is neither big or clever. Do One.
  7. Please don't disrespect this post with your ridiculous attempts at sarcasm. Start a thread somewhere else.

    RIP to those who died, a truly tragic accident.
  8. Incident occured in September. UK did not issue any statement. News has been broken due to Danish release of a report.

    Apparently Brit MoD has not yet even begun its own investigation.

  9. C+ck off w+nk lurker

    Trolling off the back of friendly deaths is a cnuts trick

    I forgive your bretheren for brassing me the feck up in 2005 for apparently being a "motherfecking sinister dude"

    But you are a jockey of the knob

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  11. Trolling? No. I feel bad about every Coalition death, incredibly bad.

    If you want to call bringing cognitive dissonance to one's attention "trolling", you may go right ahead. But this forum is thick with jabs at the Yanks for blue on blue--which we loathe just as much, and yet it would seem from reading posts around here that we go about it with relish.

    Had this been a thread about Yanks lighting up some squaddies, there would already be 5 pages of shite being slung at those kill-happy septics.
  12. The issues people have with the yank 'mistakes' is exacerbated by the number of reported occurances (considerably more than anyone else that I am aware of) and by the generally perceived and reported 'gung-ho' attitude of US servicemen. I do hasten to add this isn't the case with all by any means, I have served with many great members of the US military.

    You are still a total cnut for bringing this up on this thread though. If you have issues it should of been done somewhere else.
  13. I agree this isn't the right place for this but don't you think the reason for more American cases of friendly fire is simply the greater number of troops/aircraft?

    I mean it's pretty simple math, if the US has 10 times the number of troops/aircraft as other members of the coalition won't it also have 10 times the number of friendly fire incidents? So in terms of rates of friendly fire per soldier this one case of British friendly fire is equal to 10 American friendly fires.
  14. Whatever we do, blue-on-blues happen. Whatever the technology, whatever the training, whatever the ROEs, someone somewhere is going to make a mistake. The reason that many of them seem attributable to the Americans is that there are more of them and they tend to have the biggest guns. It is not necessarily a lack of professionalism on anyones part. IIRC this is at least the third blue-on-blue incident where British Forces have caused friendly casualties since the start of Ops. Telic/Herrick.

    This event happened in September, it is now December. That's only three months to come to a conclusion. If this was in the UK, it would be at least 18 months away from an inquest date.
  15. This is a British forum. What do you expect. Now fcuk off.