Danish TA soldiers to Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. For the first time ever the Danish government has deployed soldiers from the 'Hjemmeværn' (Home Guard) to an operational theatre.

    12 soldiers from Patruljekompagniet ved Hærens Operativ Kommando (Patrols Coy. Army Operational Command) have completed an intensive course in close protection and are now being deployed to Iraq to do VIP protection.

    Probably beats stagging on, don't you think?

    Articles in Danish here: http://www.patruljekompagniet.dk/hok/DR1-TVA-220706-1830-hjemmevaernet-paa-mission-i-irak.htm


    Video here: http://www.dr.dk/extention/playWindowsMediaODP.aframe?id=221248&ListType=nyheder&bitrate=high

  2. Hello T_T,

    Interesting links, why have the Danish government taken such a historical step?

    However, it does sound like the unit in question are slightly special, so I may well have already answered my question!
  3. As you say, Patruljekompagniet are pretty special, I think they've been tasked with it due to the fact that the regular special forces are somewhat overstretched. They were trained by the Danish Jægerkorps which are comparable to the SAS.

    Now that they've changed the law and can actually send HJV troops abroad, volunteers from other units will probably also be sent abroad as soon as they get a suitable mobilisation package sorted out.