Danish Special Forces video

That gay run with the weapon in the shoulder and eye in the sight thing

Rather poor on that front.

But obvious use of fire and movement and reasonable professional appearance makes me think their heart is in the right place they just need to think about their low level basics.
I thought the dog was very professional when it exited the chinny,and he looked well psyched up and ready for some action.. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Bumped into some danish SF in , well Denmark funnyily enough , they all had dodgy goatee beards and were orange due to there love of sunbeds .
Unidentified said:
I wish I spoke Danish now, can't read the article.
Here's a rough translation, but no matter what language it's in, it's still a crap article!

AT eight o'clock Wednesday evening the excercise began. At Aalborg military airfield a CH47 Chinook stood with rotors turning, ready to transport a flock of danish journalists deep into 'enemy territory'.

The scenario was that some danish soldiers were being held hostage in an old slaughterhouse which had been turned into 'enemy territory' for the day. Jægerkorpset and Frømandskorpset had been tasked to free them, and because of the corps'new policy of openness, the media had been invited along to witness the action.

Before the excercise, the media were briefed on the two units' capabilities, and were also briefed on which operations that danish special forces had participated in in Afghanistan by Lt. Col Frank Lissner, who had commanded them at the time.

The late summer evening's quiet is shattered by the noise of helicopters as the attack starts. Seven helicopters circle low over the area. The big Chinook drops like a stone from the sky and a team of Jægere rush out. At the same time the Frømænd race in from the sea in their RIB-boats, which have a top speed of 50 knots.

Explosions and gunfire are added, and together they create a cacophony of noise which must sound like a nightmare to the hostage-takers.

The special forces and the journalists move together into the building where the soldiers are being held. There is a short action, and soon the hostages are freed. Before anyone really understands what has happened the noise dies away. The soldiers are gone, the helicopters and the boats are gone,and all thats left are the dead hostage-takers and the calls of the odd seagull.

So as you can see, it was nothing more than a dog and pony show to shut up the whingers in the danish press who've been complaining about the secrecy of the danish special forces. As an interesting piece of trivia, at the start of the video you can see a small boat through the open back door of the Chinook, this was blown over by the rotor-wash of one of the helicopters and the old fisherman had to be rescued. I'll bet he was a tad surprised!

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