Danish Soldier KIA in Afghanistan

A friend on another forum has posted that a Danish Soldier has been killen in Afghanistan.It's being reported on Danish TV but so far nowt on the Beeb.

Martin was saying in a PM that Denmark has lost 16 lads & lassies.
May be small spuds compared with our losses but I'm ashamed that till now I did'nt know of our forign comrades losses because it is'nt made newsworthy!
You know what I mean.
I remember serving alongside the Danes in Cyprus (UN) I fine bunch of piss-heads they were to, nearly drunk us under the tables :D

RIP Fella :cry:
Worked with their armour, good bunch of lads, and knew their stuff.
R.I.P brave Viking
Jutland Dragoon Regiment, one of the crew of a Leopard from the armour troop they sent out a few months back. Appears the panzer hit an IED or mine.

Anyone know of a danish Arrse-equivalent site we could post our condolences on?

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