Danish Soldier KIA Afghan 23/10/10

According to a statement from Danish Army Command, the member of the Mechanised Infantry of The Royal Lifeguards had been on foot patrol in a bazaar area close to FOB Sandford and despite efforts by his companions was dead on arrival at the field hospital at Camp Bastion.

lsquared said:
We can rely on the Danes - R.I.P Danish hero of your Sovereign Lady:

Queen Margrethe II.

God Save - our Queens.
Knob. How can a dead person rest in peace? How does he/she rest in peace? And what has Queen Margethe II got to do with anything?
The Sqn I was in Iraq with came under Opcon, same unit. Good guys and girls.
RIP condolences to Family and Friends

Condolances to Family and Friends.

Another Dane in Valhalla...

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