Danish Oil v varnish

After several years of annually coating my oak framed windows with Danish oil,I was considering using yacht varnish and reducing the job to every 3 or 4 years ( I hope)
Would there be any visible chemical reaction between the two?
Shouldn't be - if the Danish oil has been on the frames a year it will be well and truly 'cured' and an oil based varnish should have no effect.
With my yottin head on my advice would be to stick to Danish oil for two reasons: 1) Danish oil is much quicker, easier to apply with significantly less prep and the end result is much less likely to crack or blemish over time. 2) The finished look of yacht varnish will be very different to what you currently have - and you might not like it after all that effort.

To answer your question directly though I'd guess that if you've already been using Danish oil for a while the wood would need a lot of white spirit pre-prep to get the initial coats of very thinly cut (I use Rustol) varnish to 'take'. I think you'd be doing more harm than good mate.
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