Danish Merlins grounded.

The Danish Airforce has grounded it's fleet of Merlins after one of them had to make an emergency landing.

T_T's translation of the article below said:
All of the Danish Defence Force's new EH101 helicopters have been grounded. This was decided by the Air Force after one of the helicopters made an emergency landing at Billund.

Air Force ´sources say that the problem was caused by an axle in one of the engines which had broken due to corrosion. After the diagnosis Tactical Air Command decided to stop all flights with the helicopter.

According to the Air Force this won't affect the rescue service.

The helicopter type has become a bt of a 'problem child' for the Defence Forces, who have bought 14 EH101s at a cost of three billion kroner. The problem is, among others, that they spend more time under repair than they do in in flight.

During Tuesday's emergency landing, only one of the helicopters three engines stopped, and the crew were therefore not in any danger.

Alle forsvarets nye EH101-helikoptere har fået flyveforbud. Det har flyvevåbnet besluttet efter, at en helikopter tirsdag nødlandede i Billund.

Problemet er ifølge Flyvevåbnet en motoraksel i en af motorerne, der er knækket på grund af tæring. Diagnosen fik omgående Flyvertaktisk Kommando til at indstille flyvningen med helikopteren.

Flyveforbuddet rammer ifølge Flyvevåbnet ikke redningsberedskabet.

Helikopteren har udviklet sig til et problembarn for forsvaret, som har købt 14 helikoptere af typen EH101, til sammenlagt tre milliarder kroner. Problemet er blandt andet, at helikopterne tilbringer mere tid på værksted end på vingerne.

Under tirsdagens nødlanding stoppede en af helikopterens tre motorer, og besætningen var derfor ifølge Flyvevåbnet ikke i fare.


Video (in Danish):

This is by no means the first time that this has hapened, the last time I'm aware of was about a month ago near Aalborg.

How are the six that are on loan to the UK holding up? Any other comments?
BaldricksBullet said:
In the workshop... not under repair! Heavens forbid! Go back to Turkey you 'orrible foreigner. :wink:

Hej TT
Hej Baldrick,
Yes I know, but I'd say that it is implied that they're not just just parked there, so I stand by my translation.

They're not on loan, the danes are getting shiny new ones to replace them. Haven't heard of any problems with the ones the RAF flew while we pimped the other four (amazing what you can do with a PS3 and a hoofin great sub woofer)

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