Danish Forces Ambushed - great footage


Danish forces on patrol near Gerserk in Helmand.
The patrol comes under fire and a soldier is hit. In the ensuing chaos it transpires the Taliban position is directly in front of the patrol in a ditch only 3 metres away. A hand grenade is tossed into the ditch followed by the order to 'neutralize them' and subsequent sporadic gunfire is heard. Five Taliban are killed and there are graphic scenes of their bodies being pulled from the ditch and stripped of their weapons.

*warning graphic scenes

YouTube - Danish forces kill 5 taliban part 2/2 (subtitled)
It's footage from the film Armadillo. Basically a Danish 'Restrepo'

Looks like a quality film.
I saw Restrepo, and although it was a good film. It lacked action IMO. This Danish one looks more like the shit I wanted to see.

I thought the same. I was disappointed that it didn't show more of the firefights.
, yet when you bang 'Restrepo in YouTube there's loads of action that's not in the dvd. Weird.

This new one does look the bollocks.
I am overcome with new foud respect for the bacon-makers.

And I'm off to tinker with my Lego as a sign of solidarity.

Good footage.
Very calm and professional, two casualties? Incoming fire, initial problems locating Terry, but all dealt with without panic and while recovering potential blue on blue.
Good video of modern infantry in combat
Yeah it's from Armadillo after this theres an inquiry about if wounded prisoners were shot if I remember right this is a joint Op with the Brits, pretty good film way better the Restrepo I had a look on pirate bay as soon as I heard it was coming to the Pictures and found the full DVD rip must have already been released in Denmark top quality with English subs I am going to buy it as soon as it's out on DVD support the film makers and all that.


I liked the debrief at the end!
Good video, I can't help thinking some DO Gooder out there will be condemning the Danes for their brutal attack on innocent Taliban though...

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