Danish Cartoonist Intruder shot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Two shots and man is hospitalised with GSW to knee and arm!

    More time on ranges needed for Danish plod methinks. Concentrate on aiming at centre of body mass, hold position, squeeze trigger etc.

    What is Danish for "shoot to kill"
  2. Um, what ever happened to freedom of expression? They may be able to enforce that crap in their own countries but why should we let them in ours? If they can defamate other religions why should they expect theirs to be any different? :x It is this kind of blind intolerence that leads to peoples blind intolerance of Islam. Dam goat shaggers :twisted: :p
  3. The cartoonist is a brave guy, I think he's done more for freedom of speech than people realise and he's paid a heavy price, his life will always be in danger.
  5. Apparently, he went with his granddaughter to a 'safe room' and called plod - who turned up post haste. Over here he would have been told 'got no one available at the moment - keep him talking until we can get someone to you'.
  6. I'm sure there's a poster on here who lives in Denmark. Maybe he could give lessons!
  7. There is, Tarten terror i think,.
  8. Now, wait a minute. Drawing their Prophet with a bomb under his turban is quite insulting, considering that his followers would never resort to violence to get their way! :roll:
  9. 8O your telling porky's me think's :wink:
  10. Always makes me laugh that. "How dare you say our religion's violent, we'll have to kill you now". :D

    It's an interesting point to note that the cartoonist himself isn't critising the religion (at least not intentionally) but rather extremist.

    He sued the maker of a dutch film because it used his image out of context to rip into the religions itself.

    He only wanted to demonstrate that no religion should restrict freedom of speech. And he came out of hiding to carry on doing it knowing that he would place himself in great danger, to me that makes him a very brave bloke, someones got to stand up to these stone-age nutters and it's not going to be any or our MPs or MEPs.
  11. Or even our own media, who didn't print the cartoons despite chopsing off about freedom of the press when it suits thems.
  12. I think there will be a lot of journalists and other media who would want to show solidarity, but it's career suicide (if not actual suicide) and editors and advertisers won't allow it.

    I remember an episode of South Park portraying the prophet Muhammed was censored shortly afterwards when Tray Parker and Matt Stone (south park creators) tried to do just that.
  13. In their defence it was likely dark (I know the article doesn't state the time of intrusion, but hey it's January) and probably a slightly crazy rapidly moving target. Perhaps we should surgically affix flourescent vests with "RELIGIOUS DOGMATIC NUTTER" and a target roundel to such people. :D