Danish army evacuates 200 Iraqis

I hope so...
Interesting to note that the initiative came from Danish soldiers in theatre.

To my personal knowledge there are informal British precedents from the Balkans conflicts - as now, the initiative came from serving personnel in theatre. Perhaps I should raise this issue within BAFF and with European counterparts?
This topic was discussed on Radio 4 at lunch time. They used, as an example, an Iraq interpreter, who whilst working for the British had his family held hostage and told that they would all be killed if he continued to work for the Army. When he applied for asylum in this country he was turned down, because the the government department dealing with his case didn't believe his story. A spokesman from the MOD said that all the civvies working for British forces in Iraq have to accept that the risks they face are part of the job, and therefore should not expect any special treatment.
Totally agree with you. The guy who's story they used was finally granted asylum after Radio 4 got involved

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