Daniel Wheeler - FFL and UK SF (R) walt

I know D****y; top lad. I have worked with him. Please remove his details. Think there's a typo here, he's nearly 34.
Dear gents,

I work in a security company, in HR. This delightful gentleman has recently come to my attention, through him sending his CV to us.

He has informed me that he served 5 years in the FFL, then moved onto UK SF (R) as a trooper. I have many friends in his nearest UK SF (R) squadron, and apparently he turned up for the recruit induction day, then never returned. When I questioned Mr Wheeler about his UK SF (R) service, I was informed that he had left only last month after serving a full year.

Mr Wheeler is only 24. From asking about, 5 years in the FFL in insufficient to become a sgt, and as he is only 24 now, that would have made him 17 when he joined, and 22 when leaving.

I asked him to come for interview which he agreed to, and he also agreed to bring references from his UK SF (R) squadron. Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from him today stating that he sadly cannot make the interview as he is deploying on ops from now until February :)

His CV shows:

French Foreign Legion – Sergeant
08/2005 – 08/2010
Duties and responsibilities:
· Sergeant within 2e Régiment étranger de parachutists (2 REP foreign parachute
· Medic within 3 CIE amphibious warfare unit

United Kingdom Special Forces Reserves – Trooper
Duties and responsibilities:
· Details available upon request

Be aware, he is out there and actively seeking employment...
Are you going to give your full name and post your CV so we can have a look?

Glasshouses and all that.


Seems like ratbag should do the right thing and at least delete his name, if not not the whole thread...
What a bunch of lizards, the community is small this guy claims to have served in, yet you all claim to know best......
are you Ratbag?

seems strange, that you've both got less than 10 posts in 2 yrs, and both have 'rag' in your username?

If you see D****y, can you let him know i was asking after him, D****y D****t


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well i cant say I knew him in my time in the legion but a mate of mine down the pub says that his grandfather tole hime that a mate of his served with D*****l D****t and he was a top hole chap. He did however have a tendency to lie in his CV'S when trying to find work , something that I have never stooped to in my life. that could be a lie but then ..
crème freshe mes amis
Now listen to me, you benighted mockers! We're going to teach you soldiering, The world's noblest profession! When we're done with you, you'll be able to stand up and slaughter your foes like civilized men! But first, you will have to learn to march in step. And do the manual of arms without even having to think! Good soldiers don't think, they just obey! Do you suppose that if a man thought twice, he'd give his life for Queen and Country? Not bloody likely! He wouldn't go near the battlefield! One look at your foolish faces tells me that you're going to be crack troops. Ohhh him there with the five-and-a-half hat size has the makings of a bloody hero!
What a bunch of lizards, the community is small this guy claims to have served in, yet you all claim to know best......
*loud wet raspberry*
I was in the shower with Danny Boy (clearly his C/S, not his real name, but I'm sure he was the same bloke) after Resistance to Interrogation and he struck me as a pretty balanced bloke. He was a little concerned that the female MP had picked up on a pretty unpleasant skid-mark in his trollies but was sure she wouldn't recognise him if they met in a pub.
Nothing unbalanced about that, IMHO.
That was back in 89.
Top bloke.

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