Daniel Pelka

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rawhide, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. You really do have to wonder about people, how could his parents (mother and step-dad) do that to him?

    I understand how a hiding from a parent can go a little too far (not-guilty), whilst that's wrong, it happens. I just don't get how they could subject the poor little bugger to so much pain & suffering for so long.

    Now his sibling has got to manage for the rest of his life wondering if he could have done more .

    Will the "parents" be deported to Poland upon their release from prison or would that deny their right to (family) life?
  2. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I cannot understand where the mentality comes from to commit such cruelty to a human being, especially a child.

    Having said that, 9mm rounds x 2. One each. No discussion or warning given to the pair of them. Just a few seconds if see the weapon and appreciate the touch of cold gun metal on the back of their necks.

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  3. That's too kind to them. Treat them the same way they treated that poor boy and publicise it to try and deter anybody else from doing the same.
    The sad thing is though that nothing will deter some of the sick scum out there.

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  4. Why the **** didn't the teachers feed the poor little sod?

    And yet again, Social Services were utterly useless.
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  5. Because his mental bitch of a mother had specifically told them not to. Teachers have so little room for manoeuvre nowadays that they'd have been afraid of the consequences of directly disobeying a parents' wishes.

    Sad but true.
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  6. They don't need a right to family life to stay here. They're EU citizens.

    Surely they should both be getting whole life tariffs, like Mark Bridger who killed a child last year.
  7. A tragic, sordid case. One can only hope the scum - I refuse to dignify them with the title, "parents" - receive an exemplary sentence. Followed by immediate deportation on completion(although I wouldn't bet on that).

    In an ideal world, Mad Professor or Bowman_Assassin would be in charge of punishing these Untermenschen(yes, I'm aware that's an ARRSE Cliche, but rarely has it been so appropriate). As it is, we'll just have to hope they piss off some of their fellow inmates.
  8. So teachers are so utterly bone, basic common humanity and an inbuikt genetic predisposition to protect kids gets switched off to obey 'the rules'?

    They missed their vocation when The KZ's went out of business - I was just obeying orders.

    ****s the lot of them involved in this, utter, utter ****s. The kid was literally starving to death before their eyes.
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  9. Sadly true - but a whole life tarrif. The ECHR will be up in arms. I wonder how much his lawyers will get appealling?
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  10. You might want to edit that last sentence slightly mate before the ARRSE Untermenschen decide to make light of it in what is clearly a sad and harrowing story.....

    All brought home by the pictures all over the press this morning of a happy smiling little boy.

    Another baby P all over again. Just this time it is lucky that idiot Balls is not Education secretary so he can not sack on a whim putting the taxpayer on the line for several hundred K in unfair dismissal compo.

    Sharon Shoesmith turns on Ed Balls after court rules her dismissal unfair | Society | The Guardian
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  11. Personally I believe that they just did not want to be involved with what was another classic case of a child being failed by the system set up to protect it. Teachers in Kent appear to drip apathy and a lack of common sense when it comes to dispensing medication to pupils for fear of reprisal.

    Social Services are much the same following Baby P and Victoria Climbier failures. They find blame elsewhere and don't wish to upset the PC boat. Much money is spent in supporting these services, however few of the cases they deal with prove to be either useful or based on common sense.

    This case is indeed a new low for anyone, I can only hope that those concerned meet a suitable fate and not allowed to be supplied with new ID and protection at the cost of the taxpayer.
  12. I fear you're right. Supposedly, sadistic murders of kids warrant whole life but I looked up Khyra Ishaq. She was starved to death by her parents in 2010. They pled guilty to manslaughter and got 7 years each with another 7 on the tag.

    Same story. Nut case parents starved her. School did very little despite knowing what was going on. Social services too busy celebrating diversity when they went to the house and mum answered the door in a burka.
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  13. Sadly one can anticipate the;

    "Lessons have been learned, it will never happen again"

    BS being readied up to trot out to the media. The most that will happen is some luckless junior will be sacked and the bosses will continue as before. Possibly the seniors will trot out how much it has impinged on their life a la Sharon Shoesmith. Maybe with time off and/or compo for PTSD.

    Poor little bugger deserved better from his 'family' and the nanny state.