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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PKBAS, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. You may recently seen the tragic story of a young boy aged 4 from Coventry called ‘Daniel Pelka’ in the press.

    His story:
    This four year old child was starved and mistreated in full view of his primary school teachers and teaching assistants, who observed his desperate attempts to forage for food, his severe weight-loss and the numerous bruises on his body, before he was killed by his mother and step-father.

    Daniel Pelka's ordeal is all too reminiscent of the circumstances surrounding Baby Peter, in which many people in responsible positions - in this case teachers, teaching assistants, an education officer, social workers and police as well as other adults who came into regular contact with Daniel - could have intervened and prevented the tragedy, but failed to take the necessary action to save his life.

    Wouldn't it help if we had a law like France where it is a crime to stand by and not take sufficient action to help someone who is clearly in distress?

    The MP for Coventry North West, Geoffrey Robinson, has publicly expressed his anger at Daniel’s school and at social services, calling for the resignation of key individuals. “Bureaucracy triumphed over common sense, care, and compassion”, Geoffrey Robinson told Sky News “people seeing a kid beaten, starved to death in our own country...you cnn’t just say there is nothing we can do about it."

    Paula Barrow is seeking a change in the law with regard to 'duty of care' as demonstrated - or not demonstrated - by the adults surrounding Daniel Pelka through the months leading up to his death. One way in which we can better protect children is to make those around them legally responsible – if an individual is able to help, then the law should require them to do so, as it does in other countries.

    A full investigation into how our education and social services systems failed Daniel is now underway; its findings will be considered by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Chris Grayling (amongst others). Now is the time to petition to change the law so that adults in the UK have a legal obligation as well as a moral responsibility to look out for, protect and safeguard the well-being of children in their care or sphere, so that we are able to better protect vulnerable children in the future.

    As Nick Clegg said "Clearly people must have seen something was wrong with this boy, I think his death should be on all of our consciences."

    Therefore please support this campaign and go to the attached link and sign this petition in memory of Daniel Pelka. It costs you absolutely nothing to do this just one minute of your time which Daniel’s parents did not give him during his short and traumatized life.

    Please let something good come out of the pain and suffering this poor 4 year old had to endure at the hands of his mother and stepfather.

    Link is www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/

    Or you can contact @paulabarrow on Twitter.
  2. What happens to all the email addresses they are collecting?
  3. Look there will always be cases like this, the common theme is lack of inter-agency working. Social workers have huge assessments to wade through, they're massive.
    Every time these things happen we hear the tired old 'No stone unturned' or 'this must never happen again, lessons will be learned' etc ad nauseum.
    There is much good work but unless we have huge investment and a big brother approach nothing will change.
    No matter how many kids are snatched, killed, raped tortured on a daily basis the playing fields behind my house has unsupervised children.
    I suspect few neighbours these days even know who their neighbours are and who their children are. Society doesn't care but will raise a petition, complain on Facebook but do nothing.
    Should the state really be in charge of every bit of our lives or can we accept some bad parents kill their kids?
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  4. As far as I understand it the mother told all and sundry that the child had an eating disorder and severe behavioural problems. Most neighbours on being told that will take it at face value and will not wish to add to a parents woes by involving any external agencies if they spy something "odd", legislation will not change this.

    Children will be born to or come into the care of ghouls. Those children will die.

    No power, nor law on earth will alter that.
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  5. If you get this lovely little law will it have a clause that if someone intervenes to protect a child that on investigation was not in need of protection, will that person be immune from any comeback?
    Also, what clause will be in place to prevent people maliciously reporting parents?

    There is no solution. It's a sad fact of life that there will always be people who are mistreated and government can't protect them all. The country is in enough nanny state problems without adding on parents in fear that unless their child appears to be 100% perfect at all times then they'll get a knock on the door from the kiddy police.

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  6. Nope, no support here either. They "system" didn't fail him, his mother did. Another busybody law will not solve this.
  7. Government black ops teams flog them on to Al-Q's/NSA's Joint Liason Mission based in Area 51, next door to the Alien Technology Exploitation Team.

  8. Why would they want the email addresses of a load of hand wringing bleeding hearts unless it's to eliminate them?
  9. **** me, where on earth are you living?

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  10. Who the feck told Frog about ATET?
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  11. It's not on Earth, it's in Yorkshire.

    Completely different circle of hell

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  12. Oi, ******* watch it!

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  13. That's a pretty concise picture of the dilemma faced by society & one where I feel only so much can be done without oppressive interference by the government.

    "If it saves just one child" may well sound worthy but it is invariably a preface to draconian restrictions on personal choice & freedom.

    I make no apology for believing these rare tragedies should not be used to remove our freedom, despite what they involve.
    Doing anything else would in the long term create far greater misery.
  14. Hi -They do nothing with the emails. It is just a way of ensuring accuracyy of data and that there is one signature per email -That's all....
  15. Liverpool!