Dangerous terrorists were detained in Yorkshire.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/legal/article356033.ece

  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    So Sergey what happens to people who deliberatly break into secret and nuclear establishments in Russia? Pat on the back and let off? Cessesion of choclate rations, but basicly let go? Yea right!

    The reason this law was introduced was because of morons like these 2 daft cows. They are free to protest as much as they like outside the wire - but as soon as they cross the line they are committing an absolute offence. The alternative would be to wait for them to get close enough to the nukes and then shoot them.
  3. Its Menwith Hill ffs!

    Its not a part of the UK, it may as well be a little peice of the US. They even drive on the wrong side of the road. Its just the septics being paranoid.
  4. They become a trespasser when they trespass. They become a criminal when they break the law.

    Both these people KNOWINGLY broke the law. Tough. Lock 'em up. The law allows them to protest outside the base, not to break in.

    Can they also be charged with going equiped? carrying these items clearly shows intent to break in and/or commit criminal damage.
  5. sknn!

    They crossed the line? Maybe they cut a barbed wire or climbed on a wall? Old people could simply be unattentive, not mention signs, not mention even the line itself.

    And what would you say about this case?


  6. Menwith Hill is part of the US - and not a lot of people know that. Just try getting in armed only with your wit and a Mod 90 - no chance.

    There has been a caravan of these crazies parked just up the road from Menwith for years - they deserve everything that comes their way.

    Although however killed their horse a few years back was a bit out of order.

    Sergey - I knew as soon as I saw your thread header it would be something like this - time to change the record, old chum - it's getting dull. God only knows what would happen if I tried sneaking into Yamantau Mountain, but I bet it would be a greeting of terminal intensity.
  7. My god...one of them wasn't my mother...were they??? 8O
  8. If they are anything like the hags i encountered in Greenham Common back in the 80's they need gassing!
  9. Sounds familiar taf cav OMG..can i legally disown her??? 8O
  10. Mmmm - a little bit of the good ole' US of A - listening to mobile phones, this internet posting (God bless America if you are!), telex in the old days and every type of communication media we have. Nothing like paranoia on a Thursday.

    The amateur radio club (ARRL) are a good ole bunch of boys, the PX is superb (proper root beer) and the nuclear and naughtiness potential is unlimited (That's made sure you Mum's on the way BB - you owe me ;-) ).

    Seriously - daft people being nicked by the unintelligent - makes for fun reading!!! Should be gassed the lot of them.....

    and they should let the wrinklies go as well!

  11. http://www.mosnews.com/news/2006/04/04/britishamericanchukotka.shtml

    Look, armed foreigners with navigation equipment have crossed Russian border without notification in region that is very important from military point of view. But they were not sent in the jail. They are free to walk free inside local small town. They were accused only in illegal border crossing (not in terrorism).

    But the old ladies were accused in terrorism. Nonsense.
  12. Sergey,

    That's the end of any decent life for them though!

    By now they've been forced to buy Chelsea season tickets if Abramovitch is involved. In retrospect, the way the two of them were tooled up suggests that they already are Chelski supporters.

    Poor souls - but at lease they won't have to go to any Champion's league games :)

  13. Although Sergey frequently talks testicles in this case I think he has a point...

    Its ridiculous to using terrorist leglislation to detain these women or old men heckling at labout party conferences. No wonder the government struggled to get the 90-day rule through if people fear the rules will be abused.

    I agree they shouldn't be breaching the base and ought to hold their protest outside. But why can't they simply be charged with something like 'repeated trespassing' or 'wasting police time' etc...

  14. Hang on Sergey.

    Crossing a border illegally happens every bloody day here. What do we do about it? Sod all. We give 'em a nice cup of tea, a fist full of benefits and promptly lose track of them until they pop up commiting crime somewhere. Yes - I'm being simplistic.

    However, the doddering old people broke into a very high security area in the certain knowledge of what they were doing. You can't just 'wander' into Menwith Hill FFS - it's visible for miles.

    So back to my original point - what would happen to me if I just fancied a stroll around Yamantau Mountain, eh?
  15. I knew it was big Septic area do they actuall own it? And oh yeah love the crazy people there either Greenpeace, CND or the people who belive in aliens.