Dangerous Subalterns

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ExTech, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. What memories of factory fresh troop OC's then...

    One that springs to mind for me was my troop OC at 22 sigs, knicknamed "KATO"... never got on with him, exasperated by the fact I used to be switch bitch on exercises, with him in Noddys Castle next door, and the bloody intercom forever beeping with one stupid request after another.

    Remember during Op Granby, our wagon being attached to his node for a while... Noddy's Castle have dug their trench very close to some vehicle tracks... The rains start ( ah yes, the desert... lots of sun!!!) .. Stand to is called... KATO and others from NC go to their trench, to find it full of water, some enterprising person had been busy with a shovel diverting all the culverts formed by the vehicle tracks into NC's trench. KATO perched on the side of the trench during stand-to holding rifle, looking like a garden gnome around a pond!
  2. I had one that looked like Rick Astley.

    Yes SHE did :D

    Hated the cow!!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Surname starting with 'F'?

  4. Yep, Surname began with F, First name began with C
  5. msr

    msr LE

    The same guy who took his TN into a minefield on Granby?

  6. Quite possibly... I wasn't attached to the node at the time ( had moved by then, thank Fcuk), but could well believe it of him!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Is he still in?

  8. Dangerous Subalterns? They all are.
  9. I remember this well, the guy in question was from 2 Sqn 22 Sigs ;)

    He was the type that would walk round the vehicle park and garages looking for people to salute him :D :D

    A Captain (if they qualify) once while we were guarding Hemer Menden missile compound crashed out the QRF force to respond to a couple of guys seen lurking in the woods, we all formed up in the proverbial extended line through the woods and began to sweep the woods, when we hear people shouting and then cocking rifles, so me and my oppo on the LMG (ooh thats a while ago now) loaded and cocked the gun only to hear a "STOP!"

    As we soon realised that said Captain had actually sent 2 bods out to act as enemy/terrorists to keep us on our toes!

    Absolutely shameful, needless to say i dont remember him lasting long at 22 Sigs ;)
  10. Whilst on exercise with 7 Sigs up at Herford we deployed quite early in the morning and it was p***ing it down, we pull up into location, and begin to set up. Our new Tp OC thought that he would be proactive and help the lads, so not wanting to give him a hard job the Tp Staffy says power up NC. After 15 minutes there is still no power to Noddys castle and the troop staffy pops his by now very irate head out of the door. He enquires as to where there is no power and the young Subby answers him.... Staff the cable won't fit!! Staffy goes down the stairs for a further look and immediately notices that the idiot had been trying to plug a seven quad cable into the power socket! Said OC is now a Sqn Comd
  11. Subbies and maps......... :roll:

    On ex in Sennybridge (love that place! Laugh a minute...... :lol: ) after tabbing for 30 mins in the usual wet weather.....

    'Sir, I swear the farm is that way.....'

    'Cpl, according to the map, it's that way.......'

    'Mind if I have a look Sir?'

    'Not at all........'

    Out came the compass, quick map orientation .......

    'Like I said Sir, the farm is that way........

    Que lots of smiles, chuckles and ribbing from all the toms in the section as we march off in the proper direction......... priceless!
  12. ill have to be careful here as the officer in question is still serving. while on an exercise (san 872) i was the relay det comd , trying like mad to engineer a relay shot in . no joy! many hours later the tp oc pops in for an update , and starts asking the usual questions , bearing , freqs , have i tested my kit etc . then comes out with what i can only say was a priceless comment. "could you engineer the link in using the freestanding mast" after picking myself and crew off the floor and wiping the tears of laughter from my face . then explaining to the tp oc that i was working on the vehicle mounted mast , if it was going to work then it would work on the vehicle mounted only .
  13. So you're basically having a go at this guy because he wanted to test your drills as a QRF....I'd say get a life; he was doing his job!
  14. Did you actually read that, and understand that we all had live ammo, and it certainly hadnt been passed to us that it was a drill

    I say read it again, and then rethink your criticism, and think about what i said exactly as you obviously dont see the seriousness of it.

    Me get a life??? :D :D :D
  15. You don't do stuff like that on a site guard mate or you end up dead