Dangerous driving.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by the_beer_man, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Was involved in an accident about 6 weeks ago. I rear ended a van that suddenly hit his anchors before hitting the vehicle in front and then me hitting him. High possibility of him being on the phone but still no conformation as of yet. Had a visit today fro the local plod to take a statement which has now resulted in the interviewing officer recommending I be charged with Dangerous Driving. This will all be down to the investigating officer and the production of witness statements (the only details taken where the 3 of us involved) and/or CCTV (there is none). She's basing this on my shady guess at how far behind the van I was (about a lorry's length). Anyone in the know reckon they'll follow up on this? Bearing in mind I was under the speed limit (39 in a 50) and the van driver has already admired causing the accident.
  2. I doubt the CPS will hold up a charge of dangerous driving if as you say the vehicle in front of you hit the vehicle in front of it before you kicked his back doors in. Also if you were under the speed limit and not mounting the kerb trying to take out immigrants and old ladies dangerous driving is a bit of a stretch. However the CPS would be more than within their rights to do you for driving without due care and attention which would incur 3 points and a small fine. At the end of the day the Highway Code and law state that you should always leave sufficient distance between you and the car in front to be able to stop without hitting the muppet who has just slammed on his anchors... You were driving too close to the car in front if you were not you wouldn't have hit them, either that or you were at a suitable distance but were too busy doing your lippy and singing to your S Club 7 CD's you didn't notice the accident in front of you.... Either way you were driving without due care and attention! Be prepared for a few points mate and for your insurance to want some excess money from you!
  3. Youve got nothing to worry about, the CPS probably wont push for any prosecution. The most you will get is told to go on one of these driving schemes for 2 hours one night.
  4. Willing to accept that. Hope they get a shift on though as Afghan looms.

    How did you know about lippy and s club? My secret is out.
  5. already got 6 points for sp offences so i doubt theyll offer me one of those
  6. Got 6 pts for speeding offences? That might not go in your favour at all. You are supposed to drive at a distance from the vehicle in front that should allow you to stop. You obviously weren't and have a record of speeding, which in this case they can't prove because you used the vehicle in front as brakes. The 'being on the phone' excuse doesn't really wash. They shouldn't have been obviously, but you can't prove anything and if they were quicker to react, you'd probably have still rear ended them anyway and it would have been 100% your fault.

    What do you think the best action would be? Let you off with dangerous driving and hope the scare calms you down? It doesn't look like the 6 points has had too much of an effect so far? Or prosecute and ensure that you realize that even if you are within the limit, driving too close to the vehicle in front is dangerous?

    If you were in Germany, if you hit them ***********, you're to blame. Bust.
  7. Were you on your phone?
  8. He seems to say that the driver of the vehicle in front was, but that doesn't affect 'braking distances' just that they may have noticed the vehicle in front of them late and braked sharply.
  9. The speed they can prove as I'm on tacho and that's all legit. I'm not trying to worm out of it but dangerous driving seems a bit excessive for something they have no evidence of. Who can honestly say they 'always' leave a sufficient gap. Anyone who says they do are a blatant liar.
  10. I am not a blatant liar.

    Which road was this on? Was it a dual carriageway or a trunk A road?
  11. No I wasn't on the phone. The other driver has admired causing the accident. Police on sight said I'd done nothing wrong and it seemed to be one of those things but that was just his opinion. I'd have thought if dangerous driving was even being considered they'd have started the investigation there and then. Not waited over a month.
  12. Trunk A road mate. 50mph speed limit (40 for me as I was in a rigid).
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The **** you calling a liar, rear-end boy? You hit somebody ***********, its your fault. End of. I always assume tossers are going to do something stupid, so I leave a gap. Tossers sometimes duck into it. I can live with that. But if I was shunting vans *********** and getting nicked for it, I would consider suicide. Because if one cannot control a vehicle one might as well reach for the Off Switch.

    Drinking bleach or slashing a vein? Opinion is divided.
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  14. The man in front may have admitted 'causing' the accident...... he arrived at. He did not cause you rear ending him. If you hit a vehicle in front of you there's no 'proof' other than two damaged vehicles required. Not being able to stop on normal dry roads is dangerous driving, and sorry, but it does sound like you are trying to justify getting away with it.

    The one month delay is easy. Nobody died, so the incident goes to the bottom of the pile. If you've heard nothing in 6 months you can start breathing easily.
  15. You're a pleasant fellow. I admit doing wrong **** chops. Just wondering if it's a bit much considering leaving too small of a gap (which going by guidlines I was about 20' under) dangerous driving.

    Do you shout at old ladies at the park for fun?