Dangerous driving - a solution of sorts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CplFoodspoiler, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    I watched a program last night called "Dangerous Driver School" it showed three people and their respective driving styles. One, in particular, consistently drove well over the speed limit whilst simultaneously talking on the phone, consuming a double cheeseburger and controlling the steering wheel with his knees. As the twat was actually filmed doing this, could he be prosecuted on such evidence?

    This gave me an idea for a new flight sim game based on police helicopters. Arm the buggers! The object would be to force your prey into a suitable place - open countryside, parkland - by careful positioning of your ground forces, and then destroy them with whatever weapons you had to hand. A nice Hellfire up the wide bore exhaust? 30mm cannon round / rounds through the windscreen and smack into the cnuts acne pitted face...... deep breath...... and calm.

    Police interceptors would never be the same!
  2. Yes they could be prosecuted I believe as people have been prosecuted from YouTube postings before. Depends if it could be proven if it was on a public road.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Been done it's called Grand Theft Auto or GTA. You can do exactly that in several of it's iterations. You can also batter whores to death with a baseball bat and steal their money.
  4. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah, so it has. Okay a mod then. Set it in Essex, police in Evo's - twats in twatmobiles with local accents for authenticity. Same objective.
  5. Aye you can get done theres some saddo's who go round with camera's on their dash and video bad driving and hand it over to the police. They also are that fucking anal they report mis-erected signs to the relevent authority and know the planning laws for siting them inside out even the local auths check out the site before putting new signs up.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I'm more on the side of the saddo's. Number of times I've had to avoid accidents with twunts who are either driving badly because they are idiots or because they are concentrating on doing something else.

    I'd rather live in society where people are prepared to take action when they see wrong doing than one where they prefer to avert their gaze and step onto the other side of the street, either because they don't care or because they are scared of the consequences.
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  7. Wot he says!!!
  8. I attract a dickhead drivers like moths to a flame in my car and have in the past phoned employers/police etc if I've nearly been wiped out or witnessed either a D&D or someone sleeping at the wheel. However going out armed with a camera is taking the fooking piss
  9. I am seriously considering becoming that sad. I've reported a couple of, in my tiny mind, "idiots" for what I regard as dangerous driving on M-ways. I don't mind speed but I do object, for example, to weaving in and out of traffic with a speed differential of about 60 mph - the average driver will never know they're there. I would also willingly turn a 120 mm on the closet (or real) gays who find my backside so attractive that I can see them but not their number plates in my rear view mirror at 70 (cough!) mph.

    I'm not quite that sad ... yet.
  10. My mate the Traffic Cop says he rarely sees any dangerous driving etc when in a patrol car, but sees plenty when off duty in his people carrier. Pretty much shows that the policy of removing coppers from the beat/partol and replacing with CCTV and speed cameras has a negative effect.
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  11. Does he looked in his rearview mirror occasionally? I've seen a fair bit of dangerous braking going on when people finally notice the police car (or Highway Agency Traffic Officer vehicle!).
  12. I hope their respective insurance companies were watching.
  13. Switching your rear fog lights on (or gently tapping the brake pedal) produces a most amusing affect on that particular breed of wanker.
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  14. If you are in a mil vehicle switching to convoy and applying the brakes has a salutary effect on most tailgaters.
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  15. .
    What's wrong with doing something else whilst at the wheel? You've obviously never had a wank whilst in a convoy.