Dangerous Driver given 16 months

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Remember watching this on Road Wars/Traffic Cops/Cops with Cameras well one of them. Bet his ban doesn't start when he gets out of nick but starts straight away.
  2. It will have started immediately after sentencing.

    Because when you're willing to drive like that a ban really will stop you getting behind the wheel just to whip out to buy cannabis.
  3. Compare this offence to the 4 year sentance the FACEBOOK rioters got and you understand why everyone is screaming BROKEN BRITAIN!
  4. Seems very hard to justify the sentence, must have been some brilliant kind of mitigation by his brief.

    I wonder if the CPS are going to appeal the sentence as being too lenient?
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha....... hahahaha..... I'm dead.
  6. Perhaps we need a more 'robust' response along the lines of some of our foreign constabularies… overt danger to life - Bang ! Bang! Game over, tilt.
  7. At 08:30 this morning, I had the 'pleasure' of watching an 18 year old driver zig-zagging, back and forth across all three lanes,West bound on the A4 in Brentford West London. He raced past me in the middle lane at 60+ on a busy 40mph stretch and cut into my lane (lane one) to undertake a couple more cars.

    Quite how he failed to see the 15' high, bright red London Double Decker bus, sat stationary at a bus stop, I'll never know. At the last minute he tried to swerve his 5 foot wide car back into lane 2, via a 4 foot gap. He failed. Miserably. Which happily, wasn't his first fail of the morning. Plod said he'd told them he'd receive his A level results that morning and they hadn't been good.

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  8. Shame there isn't a system by which he could be made to pay for the damage he caused.
  9. Truly disgusting. Little sod should be taken out and shot.

    I mean, what sort of **** would do that to a Golf cabriolet? :-(
  10. A drunken hairdresser?
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