"Dangerous Dog" owner in court for, er.............

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. I thought it would be a long time before the Judicial system could throw up anything that might top the 1p Carrier Bag Ripper issue.

    But no.

    The victim of this terrible incident, who as you will see does not seem to have stinted on the pies, claims:

    "I was really, really angry. I was more or less inconsolable."

    so much so that his Mother Law called Plod to complain that he had been attacked by the savage beast. The majesty of the law swung into action.

    No stone could be left unturned, no effort was too great in order to protect the public from the fangs of a snarling creature from hell liable to rip the throat out of anyone who crossed it. Oh yes and up the crime Stats.

    Nobody seemed to question the fact that the dog in question was:

    a Minature Dachshund standing a full 8 inches tall. :roll:

    Nor that our not entirely svelte mong suffered no injuries: no teeth marks, no damage to his jeans, just had a yappy Dachsy running round his legs for a bit.

    What a total waste of time resources and effort

  2. Hello Blogg,

    miniature dachshunds are potentially dangerous.
    A few days ago I nearly tripped over one.


    Edited because there are two Hs in dachshund!
  3. And one almost killed my sibe, choking on it!

  4. So the magistrates dismissed the case and this is an example of the judicial system and the legal system cocking up?

    And when someone is prosecuted for bullying it is also an example of the judicial system and legal system cocking up...

    If you want to criticise the police fire away. But the police is not the judicial system.
  5. Still preparation for the court used up a goodly number of police hours.
  6. Oh I meant the police and the CPS.
  7. No, the judicial system gave the right result here. It is just that there seems nowdays to be a staggering lack of common sense, consistency and proportion in the process that manages to put such trivial things before the courts in the first place.

    Now before anybody starts on about Zero Tolerance, a friend of mine works huge hours running his own business. He has built it up from nothing into a small but well respected company providing specialist services and equipment to a limited number of clients. Gutted to find out he had been ripped off by one of his senior employees to the tune of fees of £160,000 being misdirected and some high value kit going walkies.

    Evidence is very strong, but scrote denies everything, claims to be the victim of a fit up and also broke. So a solid case but it would be something of a "hard win" for the Crown.

    Charges dropped last week as "not being in the public interest to proceed". He had a real go about this and was effectively told "We do not do difficult any more unless it has high profile or checks a key priority box"

    So you will forgive me if I seethe at this sort of Stats. winning bollox being allowed to take up Police, CPS and Court resources.
  8. small yappy dogs a pain but ffs
    may rrse should have a whip round for the blko he obviously needs compo for the traumatic stress he's suffer
    I'll start it off 5 p and some blu tack :twisted:
  9. Give the guy some credit...

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  10. Seems it all started to go pear shaped when the owner (rightly) refused to accept a Caution from Plod.

    Only after eleven months, five court appearances, a pile of paperwork and a load of public money down the drain does somebody finally get to apply some common sense.
  11. Blogg

    Give it a bit of time and there will be the usual postings from the ARRSE pro-police statists, who support an absurd target culture that even the police themselves deride.

    Chuck in a bit of social commentary along the lines of 'the chav scum deserve it' ' zero tolerance for yappy mutts' and 'hanging's too good for miniature daschunds' and I'm sure someone will come up with some half-arsed support for this kind of police/CPS stupidity and waste of taxpayers' money.

    It really does not surprise me that real crimes such as that suffered by your friend are ignored because scarce resources are wasted pursuing this idiocy.
  12. Unfortunately in today's culture that's no longer just a joke at his expense.If he had won this case that's probably what he would've been after. Whinging arrsehole, at least now people know what he's like. The little dog has bigger balls than him.
    Although got to admit little yappy dogs really are a bloody pain.
  13. Similar events happened to some friends of mine and not quite to that amount but the person was found guilty and sentenced to.... 60 hours community service. It didn't come out in court that she had ripped off a charity 5 years earlier and was found guilty in that instance too.

    They didn't receive and compensation (as they were a business) even though the money nicked went to pay for the large house she "still" lives in and the holidays she had.

    Justice for all :x

  14. The big soft fat-arrsed marred tw4t
  15. Maybe the "eleven months, five court appearances, a pile of paperwork " might make the owner of the yappy little fcuker think twice before she comes out with the favorite "Oh he is only playing" bollocks that all dog owners use when their hairy shitmachines are jumping all over your clothes and trying to bite holes in your legs after pissing on your shoes and having a dump on the carpet.

    The guy should have dropkicked the little furball across the road, but of course had he done that then he would probably be doing 3 to 5 for assault.